How the digital transformation is transforming the telco industry

A new article from ngena Managing Director Alessandro Adriani has been published recently in business magazine Connected World. Titled “Why digitization is changing its protagonists or: How the digital transformation is transforming the teleco industry” it describes “what telecommunications provider do, to survive the digitization of their businesses and how they react to the fast-changing environments of today’s business life”.

Connected World Title

Adriani states: “Telecom carriers need to keep up with the speed of developments, as their network connectivity services are core for all ongoing digital activities.” Therefore, telcos need to adopt to the new trends and technologies themselves. And this is the reason why new operating models like ngena’s have arrived with the aim to transform the classical telco wholesale business.

Alessandro Adriani, Managing Director ngena GmbH

Alessandro Adriani, Managing Director at ngena GmbH

“From our perspective, the potential power of this model is really impressive. It’s a transformative initiative that combines an innovative business model based on a sharing economy model, strong industrial partnerships, a cloud-first, software-based technology platform, and a high degree of process automation. Together these attributes enable the alliance of partners to uniquely address the needs of multinational enterprises, leapfrog the classic competition and to change the way how a complete industry is delivering data connectivity services to its customers today.”

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