Key Enablers for Telco Unification and Globalization

Our technology partner Comarch Telecommunications published an interesting article last week titled “Key Enablers for Telco Unification and Globalization – The challenges of doing business globally”. In their blog post the authors described the many challenges companies are facing today when doing business globally, and how Comarch’s solutions can help telcos around the world answer some of these challenges by offering „a single, common solution that allows multi-stage modeling of offers tailored for each customer. (…) Comarch’s solution is a central place for modeling services around the world with automated data-based quotation using data from anywhere at any time”.

As a proof point, the blog post uses ngena as an example and reference: “Comarch’s solutions for globalization and unification have been successfully implemented by ngena, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (, which allows telcos around the world to deliver their services in a revolutionary manner and on a global scale.”

If you want to learn more about the partnership between ngena and Comarch, read the full article here: