The benefits of network virtualization and SD-WAN

Cisco recently published two videos from the Cisco Live! event that took place in Barcelona from January 28 – February 1, 2018. The videos talk about how ngena and Cisco are changing the game of enterprise networking by building the next generation of Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) for enterprise customers. The live presentation and podcast was conducted by JL Valente, Vice President, Service Provider Business and General Manager ngena, Cloud Platform and Solutions at Cisco and Dr. Marcus Hacke, Founder and Managing Director at ngena.

In the podcast and live presentation held in front of Cisco customers, JL and Marcus discussed the big advantages the technology partnership between their companies can bring to global enterprises, who today have an increasing demand for flexible and high-performing network services.

JL spoke about the contribution of Cisco in developing hardware and software solutions to build the global infrastructure for the global ngena network solutions.

In addition, Marcus stated:

“We have launched the platform with the new SD-WAN architecture and integrated the philosophy of Cisco, which we are happy to sell to the market.” Marcus highlighted: “There is one message: it is a teaming approach, it is about bringing people together and working on the same target” to ensure high quality, reliability and security for corporate networks.

ngena experienced a great response with their participation at Cisco Live! with interesting discussions and meetings.

Customer presentation at Cisco Live! 2018

Podcast at Cisco Live! 2018

Or go to YouTube to view the full customer presentation here and the podcast here.