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Mar 26, 2020

Insights from Cisco SD-WAN Wednesdays Webinar Series with ngena

ngena was invited to Cisco’s SD-WAN Wednesdays Webinar series on 19th February 2020. This webinar session comprehensively covered inside Cisco’s latest solutions on SD-WAN technology, with a particular attention to ngena being part of Cisco’s SD-WAN portfolio that is also available for Cisco Partners.



Ken Seitz, from Cisco Cloud & Managed Service Innovations team highlighted the evolving enterprise networking landscape. He expressed that Cisco’s End Customers are hungry for digital transformation enablers. These end customers wish to empower their employees with the right tools helping them to engage with their business customers – all aiming for better customer experience. Thus, Cisco’s end-customers are actively looking for different solutions and turning for service providers that deliver these services.

Cisco offers different delivery models to create a managed, secure SD-WAN services via build, co-deliver, as a Service (aaS) or Resell. ngena fits in the aaS model and offers a wholesale service for Cisco partners on both a local and global level.

Dietmar Geiler, Head of Product & Presales at ngena presented how ngena makes the life of Cisco Provider Partners easier with our fully managed SD-WAN as a Service. ngena’s solution is based on Cisco’s technology with a dedicated Cisco team working exclusively for ngena, and partners benefit from this strong integrated association. Furthermore, Dietmar also presented ngena’s customer story.



The webinar also provided an overview of the challenges currently being faced by partners. Further demonstrated how companies benefit from value-added services, such as security or application optimization, in order to stay competitive. As well as Cisco’s Software Licensing Programs which address the needs of the entire market was also mentioned.

If you are currently a Cisco partner, then you can click here to watch the full webinar recording.

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Click here to read Cisco’s blog to discover working with ngena as a Service Partner

The author

Alisha Attarwala

Alisha is Marketing Manager at ngena since April 2018. In this position, she has been involved in all strategic and operative online and offline marketing communication activities for promoting ngena’s innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service, along with ngena’s 20+ leading international telco alliance partners. Before joining ngena, she founded and managed Impressions – a digital marketing agency providing marketing and digital content creation services through films, presentations and design for corporates and individuals across the world. Alisha has a blend of creative and business experience with a passion for new technologies and innovations. She holds a Masters in Post Production, Film Editing and Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing.

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