Gigabit Access / Networks 4.0, Cologne

Mar 27, 2019

meet ngena at Gigabit Access / Networks 4.0 in Cologne

On April 2nd and 3rd, 2019, ngena will be present at the Gigabit Access / Networks 4.0 event in Cologne.

According to the organizers from, more than 350 decision makers from the telecommunications industry will gather, to discuss current telco trends and developments. As a novelty, Total Telecom has collocated a new conference called “Networks 4.0” together with the established “Gigabit Access”, to “take a wider look at the future of the network”.

“Gigabit Access will continue to explore the technologies, businesses and strategies telcos are adopting to deliver access network upgrades. Key technologies including GPON, FWA, and DOCSIS will continue to be the focus. Networks 4.0 will introduce key new topics that architects and engineers are grappling with as software plays an increasingly important role in network management. Understand the growing importance of SDN and NFV, how they are changing the way telcos think about networks and bringing new opportunities for the industry.” shared the event organizers.

Lars Schütt, Head of Partner Management at ngena, states: “For us, especially the newly introduced conference Networks 4.0 is very interesting, as it focuses on emerging technologies such as SDN, NFV, AI and 5G, which are changing the way the industry understands networks. Taking a wider look at the future of networking and sharing with all participants the ngena vision, what we believe, how global SDNs will be set-up and managed in the future, what new opportunities VNFs can explore, and how automation can ease the life of network managers, is what I am especially interested in.”

“Furthermore, we are very excited to be on the panel with other leading industry experts on the 2nd of April at 3:00pm talking about “Revolutionising your business services with SD-WAN”. Because we believe that this is exactly what our alliance and our innovative business model is currently doing: we are revolutionising the way, how our partners can offer global SD-WAN services in a fully managed “as-a-Service” offering to their end-customers using ngena’s wholesale platform.”


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The author

Alisha Attarwala

Alisha is Marketing Manager at ngena since April 2018. In this position, she has been involved in all strategic and operative online and offline marketing communication activities for promoting ngena’s innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service, along with ngena’s 20+ leading international telco alliance partners. Before joining ngena, she founded and managed Impressions – a digital marketing agency providing marketing and digital content creation services through films, presentations and design for corporates and individuals across the world. Alisha has a blend of creative and business experience with a passion for new technologies and innovations. She holds a Masters in Post Production, Film Editing and Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing.

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