Insights Success Magazine is featuring ngena

Apr 27, 2018

Insights Success Magazine is featuring ngena in “The 10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers 2018”

Insights Success Magazine is featuring ngena in its latest issue titled “The 10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers 2018”. The magazine published a bi-lined article by ngena Founder and Managing Director Marcus Hacke along with a portrait of Markus, which are now available online.

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Marcus’ bi-lined article is titledHow to innovate an industry: the telecommunication sector and the software defined network revolution” and talks about the transformation that the telecommunications industry is currently undertaking. Looking at ngena, Marcus says: “The potential power of the ngena approach is really impressive. It’s a transformative initiative that combines an innovative business model, strong industrial partnerships, a cloud-first, software-based technology platform, and a high degree of process automation. Together these attributes enable ngena and its alliance partners to uniquely address the needs of multinational enterprises and leapfrog the classic competition.”

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“You’ll always have to believe that it can be done in a smarter and faster way to achieve more success. This is what drives you.”

Marcus Hacke, ngena Founder and Managing Director.

And in the ngena CEO portrait titled “ngena: A Rising Alliance of Connectivity”, the editors resume the “Outstanding Contribution of ngena to the Digitized Business” stating: “The combination of the innovative SDN technology with the strength of the alliance’s operating model and ecosystem not only provides alliance members’ enterprise customers access to secure, stable, scalable and easy-to-use global corporate networks, but also high-quality, local customer services. […] The visionary leader of ngena wants to build a bright future for the company by inventing and developing more relevant and reliable solutions for the global telecom industry.”

Marcus commented: “We are really proud to be part of the ‘10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers 2018‘ chosen by Insight Success. The way ngena is presented really honors us and is a recognition of the achievements by the very close collaboration between ngena, the alliance and technology partners. The article will motivate us to further intensify our efforts and to become even better.”

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The author

Jörg Wassink

From August 2017 until June 2019, Jörg was the Head of Marketing at Frankfurt-based telecommunications start-up ngena, the ‘Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance’, where he is responsible for building a global brand for the international telco alliance. Before joining ngena, he worked as Head of Communications Central Europe at British Cloud software vendor Sage Group plc for more than 10 years. From 2004 to 2007 he acted as Director Internal & External Communications at British telco operator COLT Telecom. Jörg, who holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Comparative Literature, started his career as a journalist for the German IT-business magazine iCONOMY. 

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