New T-Systems CEO visits ngena

Jan 23, 2018

New T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh visits ngena

Yesterday afternoon, Adel Al-Saleh, Board Member of Deutsche Telekom and new CEO of T-Systems International, together with Patrick Molck-Ude, Managing Director Telecommunication Division at T-Systems, met ngena Managing Director Marcus Hacke and the ngena management team at our office in Frankfurt. The purpose of this meeting was to give Adel, who started his new role beginning of January, an overview about the ngena alliance and its innovative business model.

Marcus Hacke, Adel Al-Saleh and Patrick Molck-Ude at the ngena office in Frankfurt

Marcus Hacke, Adel Al-Saleh and Patrick Molck-Ude at the ngena office in Frankfurt

Marcus Hacke stated: “To have Adel with us for several hours in his first month after having joined T-Systems just some weeks ago is a great honor and shows how high his interest and expectation in the ngena business model and our innovative SD-WAN technology is. We had a very insightful discussion about enterprise networks and the fast-growing SD WAN market. Adel emphasized the great opportunity to provide real business value to enterprise customers and to drive business growth for the alliance partners.”

T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh visits ngena

A “selfie” with T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh, Patrick Molck-Ude, Managing Director Telecommunication Division at T-Systems, Marcus Hacke, Managing Director ngena and the ngena management team.

ngena allows enterprises to benefit from consistent data connectivity services by merging the networks of alliance partners into one global Software-Defined Network (SDN). The architecture is based on sharing the local network assets using cloud and virtualization technologies to provide hybrid VPN services. With this, enterprise customers of each alliance member get a global company network which is secure, stable, scalable and easy to use, benefiting from the local access and local care of each alliance member.

Deutsche Telekom was one of the founding members of the alliance in 2016 and the first partner to market a dedicated offering based on the ngena SD-WAN platform. “We leverage technologies that deliver market leading solutions to our clients”, stresses Al-Saleh.

To learn more about SD-WAN “powered by ngena” product, have a look at the video here.

The author

Jörg Wassink

Since August 2017, Jörg is the Head of Marketing at Frankfurt-based telecommunications start-up ngena, the ‘Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance’, where he is responsible for building a global brand for the international telco alliance. Before joining ngena, he worked as Head of Communications Central Europe at British Cloud software vendor Sage Group plc for more than 10 years. From 2004 to 2007 he acted as Director Internal & External Communications at British telco operator COLT Telecom. Jörg, who holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Comparative Literature, started his career as a journalist for the German IT-business magazine iCONOMY. 

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