ngena now a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)

Mar 16, 2020

ngena now a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)

ngena is now a member of the (MEF) Metro Ethernet Forum. MEF is a nonprofit international industry consortium with over 200 members, aiming to accelerate and standardize the worldwide adoption of carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. MEF offers industry-leading carrier Ethernet, SD-WAN and Network Foundations Professional Certifications within the MEF 3.0 framework.

Based in Los Angeles, California, MEF provides a broad range of services, including marketing, certification and business development. MEF has introduced the MEF 3.0 Transformational Global Services Framework, with a goal to define, deliver and certify services across the global ecosystem of automated networks. Members of MEF profit from the service specifications, LSO frameworks, open LSO APIs, software-driven reference implementations, and certification programs, among others.

“We’re excited to become a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum. MEF is a renowned certifying partner in the industry – we will certainly benefit from the exchange with other members of the association and the access to the MEF services and technology certifications. Having an industry standard is a key element in our business, and we’re proud to be contributing in accelerating a global industry standard.”, says Dr. Marcus Hacke, founder and managing director of ngena.

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Nadine Dörfler

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