ngena Partner Summit 2019

Dec 4, 2019

ngena Partner Summit 2019 in Amsterdam

ngena was holding their 3rd exclusive Partner Summit from November 19-20, 2019 at the Wicked Grounds HQ Conference Centre in Amsterdam.



All invited partners were the first to learn and discover about network developments, market opportunities, and latest technologies brought to them by ngena and Cisco.

On the first day ngena and a selection of amazing speakers like Jack Sepple (Head of ngena Advisory Board), JL Valente (VP/GM Service Provider Solutions, Cloud Platform & Solutions Group at Cisco), Craig Ginsberg (Global Business Development Manager SD-WAN at Cisco) and Robert Koffler (Head of ngena Supervisory Board) shared SD-WAN market insights like ngena 2.0 evolution, explained the impact of thengena / Cisco partnership and showed some customer success stories. Day one ended with a delicious dinner while cruising on a traditional boat.

On day two ngena showed their technology advancement and shared some insights on the product roadmap. In the afternoon a panel discussion took place with Dr Marcus Hacke (ngena founder and Managing Director), Bart de Graaf (ngena Managing Director), JL Valente, Jack Sepple and Robert Koffler. In the deep dive sessions afterwards the attendees had the chance to discuss their topics with the relevant experts.

The event ended with an exciting evening in the heart of Amsterdam.

It was great to have all the partners joining and we are very much looking forward to our next ngena Partner Summit in 2020.

More impressions will be shared soon here.


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