ngena’s first livestream event

Apr 23, 2020

ngena unleashes the real potential of their “Connectivity Platform as a Service” with adding Cisco Meraki and ngena@home to their portfolio

ngena hosted their first livestream event on April 23rd, 2020 to announce the addition of Cisco Meraki into its leading SD-WAN as-a-Service portfolio and ngena@home to their connectivity platform. By integrating Cisco Meraki into its connectivity platforms, ngena will be able to offer the broadest gamut of connectivity capabilities to the industries and companies it serves.

JL Valente, VP of Product Management and Managed Services at Cisco, highlighted the increased demand for strong network capabilities as remote work and the exponential increase of streaming from home. He expressed that Cisco Meraki can help all users stay securely connected while also providing support for a variety of industries, such as retail, healthcare and education.

Founder & Managing Director of ngena Dr. Marcus Hacke presented on how ngena has extended its leading platform capabilities with the integration of Cisco Meraki to best support large network deployments with less complex requirements which will assist smaller branch and retail offices as well as remote workers. Apart from the existing Cisco SD-WAN offering, partners can now also choose three more options to build the exact network their customers need – a hybrid design leveraging the unique advantages of both Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco Meraki, a stand-alone Cisco Meraki design or the extension of a Cisco SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki WiFi/switching capabilities added on the LAN side. All designed, deployed and operated in the end-to-end way ngena is all about.

Martin Venmann, Senior Director of Global Alliances at alb social federation GmbH discussed the integration of Cisco Meraki into abl to enhance its digital retail business and explained their OCMP platform and its benefits.

To provide leading connectivity capabilities, reduce complexities and meet stringent security demands, ngena has integrated Cisco Meraki into its leading SD-WAN as-a-Service portfolio. This integration will offer ngena users with much needed support as many businesses are currently struggling with the network demands of remote work.

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