SD-WAN as a Service- Revolutionizing Enterprise Networking

Jun 15, 2020

SD-WAN as a Service- Revolutionizing Enterprise Networking

The IT and networking landscape across the world has been in a constant state of flux with new technology and solutions being introduced every day. When it comes to networking SD-WAN as a service solution is revolutionizing enterprises while optimizing the network price performance ratio.

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With end-to-end managed services, the SD-WAN as a service provides more significant benefits, optimization, and agility. This is now leading the market of innovation in the network industry. With an optimized price performance ratio, leading to decreased costs and increased revenue, the SD-WAN has become an innovative solution for telcos and enterprises.

Why SD-WAN for enterprises?

Better Agility, Responsiveness, & Management

It provides a more agile and responsive network to its users. With the ability to dynamically use different connections like MPLS, Internet, and 4G bandwidth, overall management of a global enterprise is improved across all sites. This is done by handling traffic based on priority, point of origin, and destination, all of which can have a significant impact on enhancing bandwidth management—the improved management results in higher agility, better performance, and enhanced responsiveness over the network. ngena’s SD-WAN approach offers a wide range of advantages, as it can be deployed in a hybrid mode via the shared infrastructure of the ngena alliance partners.

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Improved Application Performance for businesses

Today applications are a lifeline of businesses. Businesses today heavily rely on applications to streamline business activities.  With a fully managed SD-WAN, the performance of application significantly scales up due to several noteworthy features. With consolidated monitoring, visibility, and management across all WAN networks and service providers, the performance of applications over the web can drastically improve. This is an essential cornerstone of SD-WAN. The performance of applications is improved by:

  • Routing cloud traffic of the network directly to the source.
  • Tracking traffic patterns over the network.
  • Routing higher-priority business applications over auxiliary services.
  • Reducing jitter & latency in the SaaS application.
  • Leveraging pre-programmed policies to allow optimal access to cloud applications.

Better Cost Management

One of the crucial and well known benefits of the SDWAN as a service is the countless options it provides at managing costs. With CAPEX hardware reductions and reducing the need to change networking components, every 3 to 5 years help to reduce costs significantly.

The reduction of OPEX from centralized configuration and management allows tremendous benefits to the network and its users. This reduction eliminates the need for skilled, on-site resources which allow massive annual savings to enterprises.

Benefits of SD-WAN service to Network Providers

Secure Network Infrastructure

Data security and threats of hacking prevail online. With SD-WANs, network providers can set up secure infrastructures that prevent their customers’ data from being stolen. It protects against data invasions, thefts, hacking, and keeps your privacy and data security.

SD-WAN enables you to secure your users’ data end-to-end. All the while providing them with full monitoring and management features over their network to ensure only wanted traffic is going in. With Site-to-Site encryption, the data will be encoded in a way that only customers can access it.

Greater Revenue

SD-WAN telco and network providers can earn higher revenue and margin due to improved price performance ratio. The agility, higher performance and better bandwidth are what yields higher income for Software-defined WANs.

SD-WANs feature, advanced control, extensibility to 3rd party apps and services, greater flexibility & responsiveness, advanced application visibility and a robust edge-to-edge secure system with micro-segmentation for optimized network performance. Combining all this results in the SD-WAN being an excellent investment and service for telecom companies.

Better Bandwidth

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection. Low bandwidth can cause connectivity problems, lag and unsatisfied customers. The SD-WAN as a service provides better bandwidth, faster internet, and satisfied customers.

This networking system dynamically manages links and provides customers with a reliable end-user experience. The end to end QoS enables networking customers to prioritize the allocation of bandwidth to the applications that are the most important.

There is no doubt that SD-WAN is the network of the future. It is introducing better agility, bandwidth, price performance ratio, and visibility to its users. The SD-WAN for enterprises can provide the flexibility you need to meet the ever-increasing demands of enterprise networks for innovation, agility, and security.


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