Simplifying remote work from home office with a managed WAN

Jun 16, 2020

Simplify and secure network as you work from home office with a managed WAN

The recent pandemic has brought the world to a halt settling most of the workers to work from home.  It is unfortunate that most of the workers do not have the luxury of a job where they can work from home and many homes still cannot take the pressure of “home” broadband internet which is crucial to work productive and communicate properly.

Working from home can be more productive, cost-saving, and efficient at times. But, it is not without its challenges. Although many employers are breathing a sigh of relief at the opportunity to be able to work from their home office, there are challenges that keep them up at night, Quality of Service (QoS) and security, to name a few.

Remote employees face challenges not only with staying focused, but also due to interrupted internet connections. Working from home office requires a strong, stable, and fast network connection to facilitate a smooth transition. Often work from home setups lack quality of service, lack network performance and can’t mitigate congestion.

With SD-WAN transitioning and innovating in the current times, managed WAN services will soon edge into local residences and work from home office setups. The recent launch @ngena at home service solution is one such example. This fully managed network solution for the home office not only facilitates a secure, seamless network but also provides a hassle-free network deployment for remote workers.

Managed WAN at with ngena@home

Managed WAN with ngena@home


The SD-WAN service solution for enterprises.

A home network does not come with an infrastructure ready to handle the responsibilities of an office network. With low network speed, variable performance, and no prioritization of applications the productivity is affected, as a mere VPN is unable to cater to the growing requirements. SD-WAN managed service, however, it is able to resolve many of the challenges workers face as they work from the home office, primarily including security and easy deployment.

Let’s look at the ways how a managed WAN can improve efficiency, productivity, and security for enterprises, employers, and remote workers.

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Benefits of SD-WAN – Cisco SD-WAN

  • Simplicity & Efficiency with Integrated Security

Managed WANs offer integrated security, which will help users easily encrypt security protocols, configure firewalls, and manage the network without additional security solutions. Hence, enabling simplicity, higher efficiency, and an ultra-secure system for employees and applications.

  • Seamless & Optimized Network Experience

SD-WAN promotes accessibility, simplicity, and seamless setup. With a fully managed SD-WAN portal configuration of the network will be a hassle-free task. With improved control of WAN, intuitive and straightforward UX & UI, and accessibility options, enterprises can easily use managed WANs just like any other cloud-based platform.

  • Monitoring & Analytics for Optimizing Operations

With in-depth analytics, monitoring, and reporting, the SD-WAN infrastructure provides a means to craft an effective plan to manage, monitor, and forecast an enterprise’s network needs. SD-WAN is a tool that offers advanced tracking and visibility. With real-time insights, users can continually shape their network environment and optimize operations instantly.

  • Reliability & Control with Owned Infrastructure

Through deploying SD-WAN on owned infrastructure, enterprises can avail the benefits of a rock-solid network foundation for connecting applications, employees, and facilitating communications. This promotes reliability and control over the network which enterprises can enjoy.

Work from Home Experience with managed SD-WAN.

As the quarantine might extend and companies take measures to make remote work more successful,  it is no wonder that many employers will transition to permanent remote work in the future. Remote hiring provides firms with the opportunity to hire the most talented individuals globally and at less costs (talents residing in less expensive countries/cities). On the other hand, to combat the challenge of communication and security, SD-WAN solutions will continue to connect remote personnel to the corporate network while helping achieve greater security, faster network speeds, and optimized communications.

In the current times, as IT staff and enterprises scramble to react to this ever-evolving pandemic environment, managed WAN can help to keep employees connected and to keep businesses running. Enterprises should consider SD-WAN providers that have expertise in both software and networking. With the proper deployment of SD-WAN solutions and network infrastructure applications, enterprises can facilitate employees who work from home offices supporting to adapt to remote work.



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