Competitive Advantages

What differentiates us from our competitors

Today, there is a huge range of different SDN solutions on the market. Almost every telco and even many System Integrators claim to be able to deliver SD-WAN services to their customers. But when you look at the details, you often find huge differences in their offerings: some providers just offer hardware, and customers need to manage the networks themselves. Others just offer an SD-WAN overlay to your existing legacy networks, increasing complexity and maybe even costs. And almost all available solutions on the market fail to deliver a fully-managed service that includes connectivity and comes with a truly global reach.

How SD-WAN solutions by ngena compares to:

Classical SD-WAN infrastructure providers

Compared with SD-WAN infrastructure providers that only deliver the WAN edge equipment and let your company design and run the network on your own, ngena offers you a fully-managed SD-WAN service, along with end-to-end operation of your company network. ngena’s services come with a global backbone and local access lines, CPEs delivered to your offices, a leading SD-WAN overlay providing full encryption of data, a control plane and much more. Cloud Connect services and multiple Virtual Network Functions are available, too.

SD-WAN service providers

Compared with SD-WAN service providers that just manage the SDN-related overlay of a network, but not the underlay, ngena offers both: the network’s overlay and underlay. This combination radically simplifies the administration of your global network that can be easily managed and monitored via ngena’s central portal.

System Integrators & IT solution providers

Compared with the offers typically made by system integrators, ngena’s services are not project driven, re-inventing the wheel for every customer over and over again. On the contrary, ngena’s SD-WAN-as-a-Service solution is delivered from a global platform with highly standardized and fully automated services that are faster to implement and more cost-efficient.

Regional Telecommunications providers

Compared with the offers made by regional telco providers, ngena’s services are truly global, as we integrate all the alliance partners’ local networks into a single SDN that is available in 200 territories around the globe

Global Telecommunications providers offering managed SD-WAN services

Compared with globally managed SD-WAN service providers, ngena comes with a unique combination of a) an innovative alliance’s operating model, b) the integration of all partners’ local networks into a single global SD-WAN, c) the use of latest Cisco/Viptela technology and an end-to-end automated service orchestration, d) a central portal supporting all business and operational processes.

All with the aim of increasing your business agility.

How we are unique

Unlike all other solutions, ngena offers a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service that provides you with all the components needed to run your global network. You order the network with one of our alliance partners, and we run it for you on a global scale and with high-quality local customer care.

Behind the scenes

Have a look at how our global platform and our central portal work together, to provide you with one of the best fully managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service on earth.

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