Digital transformation future-proofs networks  

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Digital transformation future-proofs networks  

Is Your Enterprise Ready to Complete Network Transformation?

By Molly McHaney – Product Marketing Manager,

In Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report, it is said that, By 2025, 50% of new software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) purchases will be part of a single-vendor secure access service edge (SASE) offering, which is a major increase from 10% in 2022

High tech network technology isn’t just for tech companies anymore. The question remains, how can you optimize your network  without breaking your budget? All companies from the largest to the smallest, want to save on operational costs, which can begin skyrocket with the number of workloads running at any given time. 

Is your legacy network ready to handle the data and operational processes you require with speed and agility to keep your networks running smoothly?

Implementing SD-WAN to replace MPLS, for example, is like transforming your rebuilt 1965 Ford Mustang into a self-driving car that is also a spaceship, well not yet, but it is in the realm of possibility in the future. The rebuilt Mustang runs well, and looks good, but leaves a lot of room for error because the engines of today are using more advanced technology than ever before, as are the networks of today.

Although we can’t know exactly what the future holds, we can make goals to create a roadmap that leads to success by transforming legacy networks to the most optimized possible. Network optimization is required to decrease security risks and better manage the multitude of workloads and processes happening at any given time. One can’t know their path to any given destination without first knowing the destination.

 It is the era of making your own path to the future because the technology that is being created right now is allowing all enterprises to create customer experiences that were unfathomable even 10 years ago. 

With the seeming boundless advances in AI-Automation, the future is more self-created than ever. There is no limit to what enterprise networks can do as we are only limited by our imaginations, and bandwidth.

 If the idea of network transformation is overwhelming, consider your goals first. Where do you want your enterprise to be in 10-20 years? The mission of ngena is to simplify secure network connectivity and empower enterprises with network infrastructure that remains sustainable for the long haul.

SD-WAN has fast become the “it” technology to simplify network transformation for any size enterprise.  But SD-WAN along with digital transformation are more than just industry buzzwords. As technology evolve to handle the influx of data on any given network, globally, on any given day, SD-WAN is quickly become a crucial operational path. 

Solutions from ngena offer a solid infrastructure fortified by SD_WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), all in an “as a Service” model, and including zero-trust security. With ngena, enterprises have the freedom of choice to customize network design and ensure your network has the right amount of access points,  bandwidth,  and additional feature your enterprise needs. Our manages services add-ons also cater to your enterprises unique needs and goals, ensuring your network is running smoothly all the time.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant also recently reported that by 2026, 30% of new SD-WAN procurements will be in some form of network as a service (NaaS), which is a major increase from near 0% in 2022.

We can help you design the right network expansion to simplify your enterprise secure connectivity, all “as a Service” to keep costs down, with the right  bandwidth and customizable features that cater to your enterprises unique needs that keep your network running smoothly all the time.

It’s more important than ever to ensure your digital transformation is fully realized. By adopting SD-WAN, your enterprise gains the flexibility to manage large amounts of mass workloads through automation. 

 Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant Report stated that, “By 2025, 40% of enterprises with SD-WAN deployments will use artificial intelligence (AI) functions to automate Day 2operations, compared with fewer than 10% in 2022. 

With our easy-to-use operational mission control platform, we call .connect, you can easily manage all of your multi-tech solutions. As we continue to expand our mission to simplify network transformation for any size enterprise, our vetted solutions include everything you need to simply connect, operate, deploy, and enhance your networks, for unrivaled flexibility and easy operations to keep your network running like a dream.

Are you ready to ride that wave to the future with SD-WAN and SASE integrated solutions that are simple to implement and operate from ngena, because surf’s up!

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