Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Why an as-a-Service model beats traditional Managed Services

ngena – the only Secure Connectivity as a Service Provider with the unique .connect platform that can .connect the dots of your business

Your global enterprise moves fast, and your network needs to evolve to meet your needs. Cloud-based applications, mobile workforces, and the barriers of obtaining reliable, cost-effective connectivity for all of your locations and users. This demands higher bandwidth, better availability and enhanced security challenges. In short, digital transformation needs a flexible, high-performance and secure network solution.

And as your networking needs become more complex, the marketplace becomes harder to navigate. Almost every telco and many systems integrators claim to be able to provide SASE and SD-WAN. However, each provider is unique — some solely manage the hardware, while others use SD-WAN as an overlay to your legacy network, raising expense and complexity while barely shifting the needle on performance. Many managed service providers simply do not provide a fully managed solution that includes access, hardware deployment and control and true global reach. Others claim to offer with their managed service full SASE solutions as well, but focus on a single use case but can´t fulfill the complete need of an enterprise as part of their integrated offering. Your business needs secure and reliable, enterprise-grade connectivity that makes your network simple, intuitive and cost-effective.

Say hello to ngena’s as-a-Service solution for your modern workplace.

ngena breaks new ground by delivering a global platform that connects regional access carrier partner networks via a private global backbone. Our platform provides a borderless, standardized, global set of integrated SASE and SD-WAN solutions that make digital transformation achievable. From a predictable application experience to built-in security to provide secure segmentation throughout the full network stack to globally distributed SASE POPs with public, private and hybrid cloud connectivity built in, ngena is enterprise-grade and provides intent-based networking with multi-domain policy. Our global partner ecosystem enables ngena to uniquely address the needs of multinational enterprises, leapfrog the managed services competition and to deliver SASE, and SD-WAN connectivity as-a-Service for enterprises.

And ngena delivers your network through their revolutionary .connect platform, with unique user experience and build-in simplification for full lifecycle support of an enterprise network. From one intuitive interface, you can Select your network design, Enhance the design to meet your specific needs, Deploy your network and Operate your global deployment. Choose the best-of-breed solutions for each of your sites without adding the complexity of a multivendor environment.

What distinguishes ngena from other service providers?

  • We offer a comprehensive and diverse, vendor agnostic platform (multi-tech), that allows consumers to choose their services based on their global demands and needs.
  • We are the first company to offer pre-built configuration for fast and secure deployment using its own Secure Connectivity Platform as-a-Service.
  • We built a unique .connect platform that is a fast and simple way to Select, Enhance, Deploy and Operate your enterprise network – along the full lifecycle.
  • We have created a powerful global partner ecosystem that is based on top-tier service providers and system integrators, connecting over 200 countries across the world.
  • We are a true “as-a-Subscription” provider, with all components necessary to supply effective telecommunications solutions via a full OPEX model with monthly service charges.

ngena aaS solutions vs. other market players (comparison)

ngena’s as-a-Service SolutionOther Market Players
A fully managed SASE and SD-WAN service is provided as well as end-to-end network management for your business. Enriched with integrated cloud security and cloud connectivity services from world-leading partners.Other SD-WAN infrastructure providers only offer the WAN edge equipment and leave it up to your company to set to design and run the network.
The overlay and underlay for the network are provided. This combination helps streamline the management and monitoring of your global network, which can be done effortlessly using ngena’s central portal.Other SD-WAN service providers only handle the network’s SDN-related overlay, not the underlay.
Virtualized, automated, and standardized services are delivered from a global unified platform. This enables enterprises to rapidly deploy new applications with lower costs, more flexibility, and better performance.Other system integrators lack standardized services and instead offer project-driven solutions, which costs more time and money.

Why choose ngena?

The ngena platform makes it possible for customers to benefit from simplicity, reliability, quality and scale. Instead of having to negotiate, obtain, and manage access, equipment, and management from various providers with a bunch of work and high time effort, you can rely on ngena as a “one-stop shop” for all their global network needs -good to go immediately.

If you would like to find out how ngena can power your global enterprise, please reach out to us at