Networks must adapt to ensure digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Enterprise networks must adapt ever faster to increasing requirements ensuring digital transformation

Today’s enterprise business faces ever-changing demands for network performance. Cloud-based applications, mobile workforces and the challenge of reliable, cost-effective connectivity for all locations and users are some of the barriers to business digitalization. Not to mention the need for higher bandwidth, better availability and dynamic security solutions.

In short, digital transformation requires a flexible, high performing and secure network solution.

As networking needs become more complex and integrated, the marketplace becomes harder to navigate

Legacy enterprise networks cannot keep pace with the digitalization strategy required today. On the people side, enterprises today have ever-more distributed workforces, permanent remote working and hybrid branch offices. On the data side, business-critical applications and resources are spread across data centers and complex public and private Cloud landscapes. With the increase in the footprint of employees and data comes more complex security needs.

Legacy network design assumed moving employees to secure networks. Today’s business demands instead to bring security to where employees are.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and SD-WAN promise to deliver this distributed security. Organizations finally have a route for modernizing the WAN to meet the challenges of the Cloud era. Zero-touch deployments, centralized management and orchestration, and real-time insights and analytics are all transformative benefits delivered by SD-WAN. 

SASE and SD-WAN enable digital transformation – but the wrong provider will increase complexity, cost and headaches

Almost every telco and many systems integrators claim to be able to provide SASE and SD-WAN. However, each provider is unique — some solely manage the hardware, while others use SD-WAN as an overlay to your legacy network, raising expense and complexity while barely shifting the needle on performance. 

Many managed service providers simply cannot provide a fully managed solution that includes access, hardware deployment, management and true global reach. Others claim to offer managed full SASE solutions but focus on a single use case that does not meet the complete need of enterprise businesses. 

Whatever mix of technology and providers is chosen, most of the important elements – processes, network health visibility and the overall user experience – are quite poor as there is no single support system for the entire lifecycle of the enterprise network. Different systems, tools, dashboards and knowledge are required for different phases – initial design and data capturing, roll out and operations. And for enterprises, all three phases often occur simultaneously with the complexity of adds, moves and changes.

Modern enterprise networking must be flexible, secure and reliable to deliver results for users. It’s time to make the journey to modern enterprise networking simple, intuitive and cost effective to deliver results for business.

It is time for “secure connectivity as a service” – a global managed enterprise grade networking solution in an “aaS” model

ngena breaks new ground by delivering “secure connectivity as a service” through the revolutionary .connect platform. .connect stands apart by providing a rich user experience and built-in simplification for full lifecycle support of an enterprise network. From one intuitive interface, you can Select your network design, Enhance the design to meet your specific needs, Deploy your network and Operate your global deployment. Choose the best-of-breed solution for each of your sites without adding the complexity of a multivendor environment. With the MultiTech capabilities, ngena operates a comprehensive and diverse, vendor-agnostic platform that allows enterprises to choose their services based on their needs from a range of technology providers.

ngena’s global connectivity platform interconnects regional access carrier partner networks via a private global backbone to deliver global underlay transport and last mile access. ngena offers a borderless, standardized, global set of integrated SASE and SD-WAN solutions that make digital transformation achievable. From a predictable application experience to built-in security to providing secure segmentation throughout the full network stack to globally distributed SASE POPs with public, private, and hybrid cloud connectivity.

Is your network ready for the future?

The ngena platform makes it possible for customers to benefit from simplicity, reliability, quality and scale. Instead of spending the time, effort and money on having to negotiate, obtain and manage their network access, hardware and management from various providers, enterprises can rely on ngena as a “one-stop shop” for all their global network needs. ngena’s full OPEX model simplifies the business case even further by turning network procurement and maintenance costs into monthly service charges. 

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About ngena
ngena is the only global end-to-end orchestrated SD-WAN as a Service company and the first to offer pre-built Cisco Viptela and Meraki configurations for fast and secure deployment using its SD-WAN Connectivity Platform as a Service. ngena’s solution utilizes cutting-edge technology that helps clients provide comprehensive, fully automated, and easy-to-use cloud services worldwide.

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