The Journey of Transformation

Digital Transformation

Transforming the Network: an Epic Journey from CPEs to Complex Multi-Clouds

Digital Transformation is often called a journey. As the expanse of IT widens and rapidly evolves, it is shaping up to be an epic journey and one in which the network plays a critical role.

No longer is the technology landscape neatly compartmentalized into offices and data centers. Today, workforces are distributed, mobile, remote, and accessing applications and resources 24×7. The same goes for said resources, with processing and workloads hosted across public, private, and hybrid Cloud ecosystems, plus core data centers and increasingly out to the Edge and on IoT devices.

What ties all this together? The network. Once left on the back burner for modernization, the network has suddenly become the essential piece of any true Digital Transformation strategy, and new models and solutions are needed to help IT carry out its mission and produce better outcomes for customers, end users, and the entire business or organization.

From Edge to Core to Cloud

Let’s a take a look at the epic scope in transformation now possible with modernized networking technologies such as SD-WAN.

ngena provides a complete Network as a Service platform, combining an SD-WAN overlay with multiple choice of underlay connections, and a full suite of managed services to give IT leaders a true end-to-end global platform that modernizes networking.

It starts with an overlay fully powered by Cisco. The ngena platform gives instant access to a wide selection of Cisco SD-WAN Viptela and Cisco Meraki product families, as well as many security options from the Cisco Umbrella portfolio.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking and boasts the world’s most widely deployed SD-WAN solutions, so ngena stands on the shoulders of a giant here and brings best in class technology to customers quickly and easily.

Next is the underlay, where ngena can add MPLS, public broadband, Ethernet, and other private, public, and hybrid connectivity types to the mix. The ngena platform even has the flexibility to accommodate legacy and existing connections, letting customers “BYOC” – Bring Your Own Connections – to ensure that transforming to SD-WAN is simple, seamless, and non-disruptive. This enables clients to get started with the benefits of SD-WAN immediately, without the need for forklift upgrades or costly CAPEX expenditures.

Uniting the Cisco overlay with the underlay is ngena’s fully-automated service integration, the true “secret sauce” of the ngena platform. It is here where thousands of manual tasks are automated and networking is unified into a responsive service. Users simply state the intent, and the ngena platform creates the reality.

A broad ecosystem for transformation

The modernization brought about by SD-WAN brings many important features and benefits, including centralized management and orchestration, zero-touch deployments, and increased network performance for applications and resources.

In many ways, this modernization is just the beginning. With network operations stabilized, optimized, and providing insight into performance like never before, organization can utilize this end-to-end platform to further increase capabilities and expand transformation.

For example, ngena offers a full suite of managed services “modules” that plug into the core SD-WAN as a Service platform, allowing IT leaders to take on everything from CPE procurement and installation, regulatory-driven data assurance and encryption needs, and advanced connectivity across complex single and multi-Cloud environments.

This is the true promise of today’s Cloud era, and why SD-WAN and SASE technologies are driving so much excitement and demand in the marketplace. The journey from legacy networks and systems to a new world of flexibility, performance, and lower risk can be an epic one- but with you do not need to embark on it alone. With allies like Cisco and ngena, plus a wide ecosystem of technology and managed services partners, your journey to network modernization can be not only successful but the stuff of legends. Contact us to embark today!