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Harness the power of your network with ngena

by Molly McHaney – Product Marketing Manager, ngena.net

As the universe continues to expand, so ngena continues our mission to provide enterprises and customers simplified ways to digitally transform and manage secure networks with the best in secure connectivity and operational managed services. With top notch security and scalability, through network optimization, ngena guides you through the most complex network connectivity challenges. Our solutions are ready for any-sized network operation regardless of whether your employees are working at home, in the office, or on the road. 

The trends of remote capabilities are a required necessity for living and working during these tumultuous times. What was born out of necessity the past few years, has become expected by consumers which is anytime, anywhere connectivity. Is your network handling the consumer demand and continued need for streamlined capabilities and efficient network operations?

Dataportal.com recently reported that a total of 5.07 billion people around the world use the internet today. The latest data indicates that the world’s connected population grew by more than 170 million in 2022. As we head into 2023, internet users continue to grow.

Dataportal.com also reported that there are now fewer than 3 billion people who remain “unconnected” to the internet, with the majority of these people located in Asia and Africa, which means  there is still work to do before we reach the goal of providing “quality universal access” to everyone, anywhere, at any time. Current trends suggest that two-thirds of the world’s population should be online by the end of 2023.

 A Brief History of Networking

Back in the 1960s, networks were mainly used for storing static data in centralized locations on huge computers that took a long time to compute, were costly to operate, maintain, and keep cool. It didn’t take long (a mere quarter of a century) before everyone was walking around with network access devices in their pockets with the advent of the internet in the 90s and Wi-Fi capable phones. And of course then came smart phones. Futuristic technology intertwined with AI has been rapidly developing since then and continues to cross over into human intelligence that expand network capabilities beyond human scale to manage it all. 

Simplified secure connectivity with ngena

When ngena first came on to the market in 2016, we were a uniquely SD-WAN focused start-up envisioned by a few brilliant, telecom-focused minds. Now, ngena has moved our North American Headquarters to Boulder, CO, and grown to approx. 300 diverse, remote, and hybrid employees working across the globe. We work to continue offering full-service partner and proprietary network solutions to simplify and streamline your network connectivity. When you choose ngena, you’ll get simplified solutions to manage the modern complexity of network connectivity.

Currently, we offer SD-WAN, SASE,Access, Cloud, Edge, Wi-Fi solutions along with managed services built with simplified global network connectivity in mind. We are always working to create innovations that help our partners and their customers with their network needs. 

ngena mascot Chamie with a security image of the inside of a network.

Tech companies, think tanks, and labs with the smartest engineers, working in tandem with innovations in AI and automation, are constantly developing more efficient ways to harness the true power of the internet through network technology. With the advent of Cloud and Edge computing, transactional data is now more de-centralized than ever. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and industry enterprises across the board are beginning to move to even more de-centralized network capability models than ever before out of a necessity for more security, privacy, and speed. De-centralization may be the wave of the future, and if SD-WAN is the surfboard to ride that wave, SASE is the wet suit to protect you from any dangerous elements out there. 

What does this mean for IT networks and network operations today? It means that it has become difficult for modern networks to simultaneously maintain stability and security while managing transactions and often processing astronomical amounts of application data. Consumer and market demands will continue to steer networks to expand and adapt with even more proactive flexibility and automation with new technology as it becomes available. At the same time, networks must remain stable and functional while they transform and evolve to a better version of themselves.

Your network must also be able to operate securely on a global scale in various cloud-native and on-premises environments, to the Edge and back again. How do you keep the stars aligned to manage it all while ensuring network operations are running as efficiently as possible?

The network signals that bounce off satellites between earth and space have shaped the way we live our lives, work, perform business, and make online transactions on a daily basis. It’s not a question of “if” your network needs a transformational tune-up, it’s when and how do you begin?

As everyone in the IT networking industry knows, there is a constant push to discover new ways to harness the true power of the internet. Keeping your networks running at optimal performance through full life cycle processes is more imperative than ever while continuing to grow, evolve, and transform with the advances in technology along with market and consumer demand.

We at ngena continue to expand our mission to simplify global network connectivity in a sustainable way so you can keep up with the demands on your network while taking the heavy load off the shoulders of your IT teams.

Our full network as a service (NaaS) solutions, driven by our intuitive platform .connect, provide more control and choice over your unique digital network transformation requirements and processes.

At ngena, we don’t just sell network solutions and send you on your way. If you choose to DIY, however; we can support that too. We walk you through every step of the way from access point design to ordering fulfillment, installation, and on going managed services, all available in an “as a service” subscription-based model to ensure affordable and customizable network transformation for any-sized business or enterprise.

We understand that every enterprise network may have different requirements and goals. ngena experts meet you wherever you are on your transformational journey to understand your needs, and guide you to our best-in-class network connectivity solutions so you can focus on your continued growth and success at warp speed. ngena is here for your secure network connectivity needs, and we are just getting started.

Contact us at connect@ngena.net to see how we can help, and to request a personalized .connect demo.

Visit https://www.ngena.net for more details about our growing secure network connectivity and managed services solutions.