ngena & Alkira Announce Partnership


ngena and Alkira partner to accelerate transformation with Cloud networking and SD-WAN as a Service

ngena and Alkira announced today that they have entered into a partnership that brings together their solution portfolios to help Enterprise organization modernize networking for the multi-Cloud era.

The new ngena-Alkira partnership provides best-in-class SD-WAN and SASE as a Service from ngena’s end-to-end platform, powered by Cisco, with market-leading Cloud networking capabilities from Alkira.

This partnership also enables Enterprise customers and IT decision makers to deliver connectivity as a Service across all site, all workforces, and extending to all Clouds.

With ngena’s end-to-end platform and Alkira’s wide selection of Cloud services, businesses can accelerate their networking transformation agendas and achieve modernization with a suite of flexible and scalable services that enable the adoption of modern SD-WAN and SASE frameworks, and provide comprehensive access to multi-cloud services.

“The drive for network modernization has never been stronger, and in today’s business and technology landscape that means extending innovation across the entire connectivity spectrum, from edge to core to Cloud. In partnering together, both ngena and Alkira can offer IT leaders an unmatched set of solutions and services that make network transformation possible, no matter how complex or distributed the network,” said Dr. Marcus Hacke, CTO and co-founder of ngena.

“Companies are racing to adopt different clouds in the same or different regions to increase their flexibility and redundancy and lower their cost. They need networks built, extended, and secured, all the way from the user to the application, application to application, and in between. They need agility when it comes to their networks, end-to-end visibility, controls and governance. Delays impact business, and IT can no longer take days, weeks or months to implement network changes. They require this delivered as a service. ngena and Alkira bring together the first true end-to-end cloud native networking as-a-service solution and best in class SDWAN as-a-service platform”, said Atif Khan, CTO and co-founder of Alkira.

By partnering together, ngena and Alkira can provide a wide range of services that can help speed network updates for companies seeking new solutions to connectivity. With ngena and Alkira clients gain access to a host of features and benefits for Networking as a Service (NaaS), including:


  • Simplify Networking with an end-to-end platform connecting all customer sites and people
  • All-in-One Modernization combining hardware, software, licenses, connectivity, security options and more as one service, leveraging SD-WAN technology
  • Powered by Cisco featuring Cisco Viptela and Meraki solutions, or hybrid deployments of both


  • On-Demand Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Network connecting to and between all cloud instances across the Alkira cloud backbone
  • Integrated Cloud Firewall protecting hybrid, single and multi-cloud environments
  • Optimal SaaS Application Experience with globally distributed regional Internet breakouts
  • Zero Trust Network Access for secure, elastic and globally available remote access VPN service

ngena transforms networking for the Cloud era, connecting customers and partners with the best in SD-WAN and SASE technology delivered as simple and powerful end-to-end Service, saving time and resources while lowering risk and increasing agility.

ngena’s leading platform can seamlessly integrate with the Alkira Cloud Backbone, unifying modernized networking with Public Cloud workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, as well as today’s NaaS/SaaS/IaaS resources, and more.

The end result is a powerful combination of ngena’s highly-automated and intelligent platform for networking management and orchestration, plus Alkira’s Cloud Services Exchange portal for the management of workloads and applications.

Taken together, the partnership of ngena and Alkira gives IT leaders a completely modernized platform for delivering and orchestrating next-generation services, all with the flexibility to respond to dynamic needs and provide more innovation and agility to the entire business.

ngena and Alkira webinar June 15

ngena and Alkira will be hosting a joint webinar on June 15, providing a comprehensive overview of solutions available from both providers and how businesses and IT decision makes can simplify modernization, increase time to value, and greatly reduce complexity and risk. Register for the webinar here:

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