ngena Network Chats – Fernando Anaya 

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ngena Network Chats – Fernando Anaya 

Exploring the challenges of Digital Transformation with Fernando Anaya, ngena Value Architect Manager

By Abe Haller

This week, I sat down with Fernando Anaya – the Value Architect Manager of our team here at ngena. As an expert in the networking field, Fernando is key to the ngena team. by helping to bridge sales and product teams, as well as being a speaker and trainer about SD-WAN, SASE, Cloud,and as a Service, among other topics. As someone working on bringing simplified digital transformation to global enterprises, Fernando sees challenges that enterprises are facing trying to keep up with changing times and updating technology.

A lot of enterprises attempt their digital transformation with a lack of clear strategy: Without a clear plan for how to implement and measure success for digital transformation initiatives, it can be difficult for organizations to know where to focus their resources – leading to delayed project completion as well as costs exceeding the project budget.

Modern technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things can be challenging and time consuming to implement; and time is an essential asset in modern business. Most enterprises have not built their teams with digital transformation in mind; a key part of implementing and maintaining digital transformation is creating and retaining a project team capable of managing the change – a costly and challenging task. 

Even if a team may already be in place at the company, fear of job loss due to new technology and lack of pre-transformation training could cause resistance from existing employees to adapt to this change. Another challenge facing every company undergoing a digital transformation is securing data.

Data is hugely important, and valuable – as an enterprise, it is important to ensure that you have the proper security surrounding your data. Data is stored online more and more often and no longer in physical servers – security breaches can leak sensitive data and they need to be avoided at all costs, which is easier said than done.  Finally, it is always important to ensure an investment is worth it – measuring ROI on digital transformation is tough, but necessary to justify the large cost. It is key for enterprises to ensure that the benefits outweigh the costs. 

So, how can enterprises overcome these obstacles?

ngena (Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance) is a global network service provider that helps enterprise customers reduce the challenges of digital transformation by providing a range of services and solutions. ngena offers a global network of partners, which allows enterprise customers to easily connect to different locations and service providers around the world – all while being compliant in every location where they choose to operate.

This can help reduce the difficulties of integrating new technologies and services, as compliance differs so much around the word and learning the rules of each location can be extremely time consuming and costly, especially is legal services are required for said enterprise. 

We provide a single point of contact and a unified portal for enterprise customers to manage their network services, which can help simplify the process of managing and securing data. Our managed services allow one or two people to manage a project that usually requires a much larger team. We provide a range of services such as SD-WAN, Cloud Connect, and Internet of Things, which can help enterprise customers to quickly and easily adopt new technologies and services.

Our team of experts can provide support and guidance to enterprise customers throughout the digital transformation process, which can help to mitigate the challenges an enterprise without a dedicated transformation team might face. Finally, we can help enterprise customers measure the return on investment for digital transformation initiatives, which can help them justify the costs. 

By providing these services and solutions, ngena aims to help enterprise customers navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of digital transformation. When working with ngena to implement Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in your enterprise, we aim to ensure you benefit as much as possible from your digital transformation.

Improved security in your enterprise is just one example. SASE combines network security and access security into a single, unified solution, which can help to protect your enterprise from a wide range of cyber threats. SASE from ngena also allows you to securely access the cloud and other resources from anywhere, which can help to increase the flexibility of your enterprise and allow for more remote working options. Our SASE can help to improve the speed and performance of your network, which can help to increase productivity, boost morale, and reduce downtime caused by slow network speeds in your enterprise.

ngena’s SASE solution provides a single point of contact and a unified portal for enterprise customers to manage their network services, which can help simplify the process of managing and securing data. This means that enterprises managing a digital transformation will avoid spending Time and Capital building and managing an internal IT team. 

Our global network of partners allows for easy connectivity to different locations and service providers around the world, which allows for the flexibility of your enterprise to expand globally. So, our SASE solution will help you reduce costs by reducing the need for multiple solutions, and by optimizing your network performance on a global scale. Not looking for a global service provider? Our SASE solutions are designed to grow with your enterprise, allowing you to add more users, devices, and locations as your business expands.

By working with ngena to undergo digital transformation in your enterprise, you can expect improved security, increased flexibility, and more efficient network management, all while reducing costs.

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