Network Chats with Ariel Cruz


ngena Network Chats: Ariel Cruz Touches on ngena’s Impact in the Channel Sales Community

I recently sat down with Vice President and Head of Indirect Channel Sales, Ariel Cruz, to discuss the impact of ngena within the SD-WAN Channel Sales community after we were featured as one of the hottest networking startups of 2022 by Ariel has over 10 years of experience in the Indirect Channel, and he has established a presence as a thought leader in the indirect channels community within the network industry. I was curious to find out why he chose to join the ngena team and what he sees as ngena’s differentiators compared to other key industry competitors.

Previously, Ariel worked for the Telecom giant Claro, but he sought a position with a company that was driving change within the secure network industry – enter ngena. He saw some distinct differentiating points about our mission and approach to SD-WAN, which was the first solution focus when ngena was born. Another key differentiator that attracted him was the diversity of the current company’s teams – as a truly global company with employees from more than 35 different countries across the world. Ariel saw our diverse team as an advantage in the industry because of the range of perspectives our team members bring to the table. 

We are compliant-capable on a global level which means our team is not location limited in offering our multi-tech products/solutions. This removes the need for multiple service providers to be involved when transforming your network, making the process easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective in a subscription-based model. Our simplified process of implementing SD-WAN products/services is another key distinguishing factor that intrigued Ariel to join the team – he had not seen a company take this approach to SD-WAN yet.

Our .connect operational platform enables enterprises to easily complete all aspects of network transformation in four simple steps: select the technology you would like to access, enhance your selected technology to create a cohesive secure-network, deploy your selected technology, and finally operate your selected technology – all from our .connect platform. 

By creating operational ease through simple steps with visibility from one ‘single pane of glass’, our solutions reduce the potential for human error for IT and Network Operations teams of any-sized enterprise. Through .connect, enterprises receive professional network solutions and access that can expand across the globe to ensure your networks are always securely connected and your infrastructure is running smoothly. 

And lastly, Ariel touched on ngena’s ongoing investment into backend technology and engineering as one of the reasons ngena continues to positively influence the indirect channels community in the networking arena. We offer our clients the best in vetted technology from our proprietary, AI-driven Wi-Fi to the best in SASE, as well as network access solutions, and managed services from top partner providers that keep your network operations running efficiently. 

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