Navigating the SASE Revolution


Leverage the Power of a Managed Services Platform to Successfully Navigate the SASE Revolution

You don’t have to go it alone – a managed services platform on your side can help make network modernization fast, simple and secure.

There is a new revolution in the world of networking: Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE. With SASE, the best elements of SD-WAN and Security have combined to form a new paradigm for scaling virtualized networking functions as data and critical workloads increasingly move further and further to the edge.

Successfully Adopting SASE with a Managed Services Platform

ngena is a managed services company that delivers SD-WAN as a Service via a highly-automated, completely end-to-end platform.

Our cloud platform leverages the comprehensive Cisco product portfolio and turns it into an end-to-end managed globally available service delivered by service edges called ngena Hubs.

This platform delivers SASE offering by seamlessly unifying elements of Cisco’s networking, security, and zero-trust product lines, plus additional features like public and private connectivity, third-party security services, and more. Essential parts of the ngena platform includes elements of Cisco’s SD-WAN (Viptela) and Cisco Meraki SD-WAN product lines to address SASE’s WAN and routing requirements.

For security, our connectivity platform leverages the Cisco Umbrella for not only secure web gateway, domain name system (DNS), firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality, but also integrates seamlessly the onsite advanced security capabilities of Viptela and Meraki as well as further security services provided on the ngena Hubs, like firewall and web security services.

Finally, our platform integrates core elements of Cisco’s zero-trust networking portfolio — especially Duo and AnyConnect — to verify identity and enhance the overall security of the offering. Alternatively, we also support the seamless integration of the cloud security offering from Zscaler.

Turnkey SASE

What does all this mean for customers and partners? It means that SASE is no longer a daunting challenge requiring massive capital investment and forklift-sized upgrade projects that put business operations at risk. In place of this, ngena’s platform provides all the elements needed for the successful adoption of a SASE framework, all as a simplified, flexible, and powerful service. The end result: Turnkey SASE, delivered entirely as an OPEX service with lower risk and higher agility for organizations seeking to modernize their digital world. With a partner like ngena, SASE is now something that can be rapidly achieved today, not far into the future.

ngena: SASE from the Start

ngena was founded in 2016 with the central mission of simplifying networking and making the adoption and deployment of SD-WAN solutions fast and secure.

Our team of engineering experts built our platform from the ground up with a holistic view in mind, incorporating not just SD-WAN but all the disparate pieces that power networking, including hardware, software, licensing, connectivity, security, Quality of Service, routing protocols, and more. With ngena, all these pieces are unified and delivered as ONE.

The term SASE was coined by Gartner in 2020, but at ngena we have found ourselves meeting and exceeding the framework of SASE all along. So in this way, we describe our platform as “SASE from the start.” It’s nice to see the industry catching up!

Looking ahead, the industry as a whole also continues to shift to the “as a Service” model that has powered ngena since it’s founded. Just this month, Cisco announced its Cisco Plus initiative, offering Networking as a Service and other components of its portfolio, such as hyper-converged infrastructure, in a more flexible consumption model. These new levels of flexibility will make the adoption and deployment of SD-WAN even easier for customers and partners around the world.

Successfully Take on the Next Generation of Networking Today

ngena customers and partners have already achieved great things with our all-in-one connectivity platform. With ngena’s automation and innovation, customers have rapidly transformed networks around the world, pivoting from costly and inefficient legacy architectures to modernized software-defined networking.

By fully incorporating the next generation of networking services into their digital transformation strategies, ngena clients improve end user experiences and help to make their business more agile, competitive, and secure.

Reach out to us today to learn how ngena can help your organization meet the SASE era head-on and achieve success in modernizing networking at

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