Talent is genderless


Last month we commemorated International Women’s Day, where we recognize the tremendous efforts by women around the world in shaping a more equal future.

No doubt, in the tech industry the equal representation of women and men may still have decade’s worth of work left to go, since just 19% of the tech workforce are women.

We’re proud ngena is a company working towards diversity on all fronts. We teamed up with many talented women from ngena and Cisco, working closely to develop a world-class platform for the cloud era.

Today we’re happy to recognize the work of two extraordinary leaders who prove that talent is genderless.

Nipa Shah

“Being a leader is about being honest and authentic to yourself. My experience as a leader has been truly rewarding and fulfilling, not only in terms of influencing people professionally but also in terms of making an impact on their lives. A true leader is someone who is sincerely available to guide, listen, provide feedback, and challenge team members.

Being a woman on a team of all men is certainly a challenging environment. However, I like to see it as an opportunity to present your unique voice to grow and shine. Inclusive leadership is necessary to bring a balanced perspective to the workplace. It is crucial to bring in more women to the tech industry, especially in leadership roles. These women become role models for the younger generation, helping them navigate pathways to professional success. I want to inspire women to accept leadership roles with confidence and a “can-do” attitude. Recognize and embrace your strengths to lead with passion and drive.”

– Nipa Shah. Senior Software Development Manager at Cisco Systems

Ruiying Zhang

“One of the challenges of working in a field dominated by men is that they often assume women have lower competence, especially in the software architecture design and development. Women are often taken less seriously. I hope this gender perception will be improved.

It’s important to have women getting more spots in this industry so that we could share more of women’s unique mindset, creativity, and leadership skills, to improve gender diversity in the working environment and to produce better software solutions.

In my 20+ years working in the IT field, I’ve met so many talented women software engineers who are very passionate, confident and dedicated to their work. And  I’d love to see more and more young girls majoring in computer science and to share their talent in the IT world!”

– Ruiying Zhang. Software Manager at Data Ductus Inc.

Inspiring roles like them will help to attract more women in this industry and closing the gender gap for a more inclusive future.