Connect Today – ngena Wi-Fi as a Service 


The first ngena “Connect Today” webinar series kicked off with ngena Wi-Fi as a Service! 

Why advanced, affordable wireless services matter in today’s market

The speed and flexibility of network transformation for all businesses across industries has ramped up in recent years, and it’s only going to get faster. And with the market trends and consumer demand for more and more micro-services, anyone who offers applications, basically everyone, is looking for an easy way to keep their networks running smoothly to meet consumer demand and continue to grow. The same goes for wireless, which is at the base of the mountain of digital transformation for any network infrastructure running today across all industries. 

About ngena Wi-Fi as a Service

ngena decided to build out our end-to-end Wi-Fi  as a Service capabilities as a flexible, secure, and scalable solution to easily transform any wireless network. Our Wi-Fi is more than just your average wireless service. Our cloud-based solution includes add on benefits that make operational management of any wireless network so simple, special skills are not needed. 

ngena is a catalyst for simplifying network as a Service in today’s tumultuous times. The demand for digital transformation and staying ahead of the competition, growing technology, big data, and consumer demands of today is a constant challenge that ngena is here to help you maneuver, your way. 

Webinar recap

Speaking of today, we launched  our first ever webinar in an ongoing series we call, ‘Connect Today’, where we took a deeper dive into our latest proprietary offering, ngena Wi-Fi, and the how, what, and why it is the best solution to simplify network transformation for any-sized enterprise, organization, or institution across industries and regardless of size. 

We also showed a demo about what Wi-Fi from ngena is about beyond high quality, solid wireless, and how to position it to customers.  In a world where wireless connectivity is expected because consumers demand it, ngena developed Wi-Fi as a cost-effective way to transform network connectivity from a cost deficit, into a cost and operational savings solution.

In the webinar, we learned the ways that our secure, multi-tenant wireless solution is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, hotels, retail chains, shopping malls, and more. Any customer who wants best-in-class wireless for their network audience can now use ngena Wi-Fi, with comparable technology as any of the big box brands, but at a lower price that makes it also affordable for schools, healthcare institutions, or ISPs.

Nothing is worse than wireless that doesn’t work well, is costly to purchase and run, and isn’t easily managed. ngena decided to solve these common challenges with our latest solution that can remove any bottleneck in your network transformation process.

We also got a glimpse with a demo of some of the valuable real-time business insight capabilities of the blazeAI features within ngena Wi-Fi, all visible from a single location, namely .connect. Our advanced operational platform can be accessed using any device (yes, there is an app for that), from anywhere, at any time. Our wireless capabilities also helps lighten the load of wireless network operations which is harder to keep staffed with skilled people.

That’s where the blazeAI comes into play. As an added benefit for network operations, network health and user traffic insights are included in our Wi-Fi solution for easy operations and expansion capabilities right from our .connect platform, all with a price point that won’t break the bank.

ngena Wi-Fi is the backbone for any robust network along with our other offerings including highly advanced SD-WAN, Cloud, SASE, and other network security solutions that we offer from our “one stop shop”, at a price point that is appealing to any-sized business. 

ngena knows wireless network connectivity

We wanted to fill a gap in the marketplace related to network transformation where businesses and organizations have their micro-services de-centralized in various public or private clouds, and data centers. For many, the idea of transforming legacy networks or even new businesses built in the cloud, can be overwhelming. 

With AI-backed automation intelligence, ngena’s Wi-Fi is so flexible and easy to manage from our dynamic .connect platform, that expanding access points across the world, or around the corner, is possible in just a few minutes. 

Freedom of choice with ngena

As our offering is easily installed and connected with any vendor or hardware, we make it easy to transform existing network connectivity to boost existing Wi-Fi access points or connect new ones. This means the customers you serve with Wi-Fi from ngena can choose our scalable and flexible wireless solution but still have the freedom to work around existing architecture and the hardware of their choice. ngena Wi-Fi as a service is available at a significant cost savings compared to other wireless and we can work with any-sized budget or network size.

ngena understand the need to have real-time network health and traffic visibility to quickly visualize and course correct automatically if there are any issues, without the need for highly skilled NetOps teams.

Our wireless is Wi-Fi 4, 5, and 6 compatible and can be connected in minutes. Wireless from ngena also helps connect enterprises that may have various sovereign or compliance obligations around their data.

We at ngena can help you every step along the way through your network transformation process from helping you decide how much bandwidth you need with our Quicksizer tool, to ordering and fulfillment, and even installation, and ongoing support.

If you decide along the way you or your customers want to expand wireless access points, it is easily scalable with just a few clicks from our operational control center .connect. 

ngena solutions make it simple for any enterprise to offer or use our solutions built specifically for the purpose of simplifying secure network connectivity, as a Service. This means we can offer the best in vetted technology, at a price point that is manageable so you and your customers can save money from both an operational cost and capital expenditure perspective. 

 Gone are the days of paying too much for wireless network services

We will meet you wherever you are on your network transformational journey. ngena helps you get to where you want to be by removing the headache and complexity that can occur with network infrastructure transformation. To thrive in today’s competitive market, and tomorrow’s unknowns, networks must be able to optimize and expand while keeping existing operations running smoothly at the same time. That is why ngena decided to include Wi-Fi along with our full life cycle secure network connectivity portfolio of solutions to help you transform your business to be future-ready today. 

Thanks for coming to our Wi-Fi webinar! We look forward to seeing you all at our Partner Summit in February. Stay tuned for more ‘Connect Today’ webinars to come in the new year about our other innovative solutions. 

To find out how ngena can help you simplify your wireless secure network connectivity transformations, contact us at for a free, personalized demo. 

Check out our Wi-Fi as a Service product page for more information.