Artificial Intelligence Applications

Empower your organization with industry-specific AI-driven solutions, enhancing security, predictive capabilities, and intelligent decision-making. Our AI solutions meet specific industry needs, providing actionable intelligence and predictive power.

As the intelligent core of our industry solutions, ngena Prevent applications help organizations avoid or proactively manage situations, from health and safety threats to resource and energy waste.

Acting as the brain to our IoT senses and connecting via our secure network infrastructure, the ngena Prevent suite of AI applications offers unprecedented insights and control, enhancing safety and efficiency for institutions and companies.

The benefits supporting your choice for our AI Applications

Smart Safety
Built upon AI

we help government, institutions and companies protecting people with AI powered applications for safety and violence prevention

A Complete

advanced AI applications integrated with a complete catalog of IoT sensors, cameras all connected with our secure network technologies

Leave Complexity
To Us

our engineers design and implement in unbeatable time the solution fitting your business size

Reliability at
Your Service

years of expertise in delivering global reliable systems built upon cutting-edge technology partners

Why Choose ngena Prevent

Building on our expertise in orchestrating complex solutions, ngena now expands to include AI-driven solution orchestration. AI acts as the brain of a complex system of interconnected local inference engines, sensors, data repositories, and cloud services. ngena’s expertise in orchestrating these intricate systems and delivering them as a service ensures customers benefit from advanced AI applications with top-notch cybersecurity and connectivity. This enables clients to focus their skills and investments on their core businesses.

Digital Transformation

AI-enhanced surveillance cameras and perimeter sensors provide robust perimeter access control by monitoring and alerting on unauthorized access attempts to the school’s boundaries. If an unauthorized individual breaches the perimeter, advanced facial recognition compares captured faces against a threat database to identify and alert security personnel. This integration ensures prompt detection and swift response, significantly enhancing the school’s security measures and preventing potential intrusions. The system effectively safeguards the premises, ensuring continuous monitoring and protection against unauthorized entries.

AI-powered behavioral detection systems enhance school safety by using advanced algorithms to monitor and analyze student behavior. These systems detect and alert on suspicious loitering in designated areas through behavioral analysis, ensuring timely intervention. They identify bullying by recognizing aggressive or violent behavior using video analytics and pattern recognition. Additionally, they detect aggressive actions like fighting or shoving, and recognize patterns of unusual or suspicious activity, including potential violence and health issues. This comprehensive approach ensures a safer and more secure school environment for all students.

AI-powered surveillance systems enhance security by finding and tracking individuals based on specific descriptions like clothing or accessories. These systems use advanced algorithms to monitor and analyze video feeds, identifying persons of interest quickly. Additionally, they employ facial recognition to search for individuals, comparing captured faces with a database to pinpoint matches. This dual capability of description-based tracking and face-based searching ensures prompt identification and location of individuals, significantly improving safety and security in various environments.

Our innovative AI solution detects brandished firearms across any connected camera feed, sending immediate alerts to security personnel and law enforcement.
Through partnerships with military and Homeland Security-certified entities, we offer a comprehensive security framework, including a vetted Operations Center. This integrated approach empowers proactive measures to prevent mass shootings and gun-related violence in schools.

Our platform combines secure connectivity with IoT and AI capabilities to provide robust and reliable solutions. Integrating IoT devices offers unprecedented insights and control, which enhances safety and efficiency. By leveraging artificial intelligence, our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries, empowering organizations with actionable intelligence and predictive capabilities

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