Simply Extend SD-WAN Connectivity to Enterprise Cloud Ready Networks

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) & Multi-Cloud adoption are becoming must-have requirements for most organizations with networks that are often connected to enterprise cloud applications and cloud native infrastructures.

Over the past few years major shifts have occurred in the way cloud services for enterprise applications are accessed over Wide Area Networks (WANs) connected to various enterprise cloud or multi-cloud locations. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprise WAN architectures were designed with the assumption that most employees worked from offices during regular hours
over enterprise network and cloud enterprise in one location for the most part.

Most enterprises, businesses, and organizations drive enterprise cloud services and platforms in these days of big data driven by speed, security, and accessibility wherever it may be in any enterprise cloud computing environment.

That means huge amounts of data and workloads are often involved in more processing than any data center can handle alone. Some applications require data access to occur on-Prem, or in public and/or private enterprise clouds, and often any combination of the three. That’s why ngena SD-WAN technology includes enterprise cloud connectivity services to handle any hybrid cloud connectivity enablement with security built right in.

More distributed communication and data are being delivered than ever before over networks in today’s hybrid and remote work environments. Through accessibility, and the move to cloud apps running within IaaS and SaaS architectures introduces new key considerations for designing Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) networks including the need for:

• Support of on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud network architecture.
• Enhanced security with SASE compliant WAN architecture.
• More internet-based applications with increasing remote work
• Local internet breakout for reduced latency.

These are just few of the many considerations as this list will continue to evolve as we continue in an era of required digital transformation. Networks of the past were more rigid than today's networks, and the past few years has brought new technology developments when it comes to automating connectivity.

ngena understands the need to evolve the way we provision networks by using end-to-end automated provisioning workflows that are easy to understand and – most importantly – simplify connectivity, infrastructure, and configuration. These three aspects together support application communication (app-to-app, app-to-end-user, end-user-to-end-user) through our .connect platform and quick network access design tool, QuickSizer.

At ngena, we believe that digitization is the driving force of the new economy, and that automation and managed services are the most efficient, cost effective and future-proof route to enable enterprises to enter the global and flexible economy enabled by digital transformation.

Digital transformation allows enterprises of any size to operate on a local or global scale, at the same time, have the best enabling technology immediately available through their hybrid cloud environments.

To enjoy the full potential of this cloud-based economy it is imperative to have simpler secure connectivity options that are reliable, cost effective, and offers full stack observability.

Supporting a remote workforce is a key asset to enterprises, both to leverage the best talents wherever they are, and to be resilient to any disruptions. Guaranteeing the same network continuity for your employee's experience whether they are at the office, at home, or on the road is key to enable everyone to communicate effectively with the network from wherever they sit.

Data of all sorts is increasingly dispersed over multiple cloud environments, and some industries have requirements to retain a significant amount of centralized information in a specific country, for example.

With the constant threat of attacks, security must also be top of mind when handling data whether it's on-Prem or in the cloud, at rest or in motion, tailoring itself to the nature of each specific business requirement or workload.

Your evolution from classical IT into the digitized world requires the optimization of your network connectivity and security infrastructure to get the best out of new, more scalable technology and to take advantage of best-in-class technology providers.

This evolution means reshaping your operations to deal with a completely new paradigm and must happen quickly to beat competition, nimbly to keep pace with your business needs, and with a cost model that supports your business and helps you achieve your financial targets.

with ngena you can take advantage of modern, cloud-based capabilities


ngena Cloud for enterprise services

ngena Cloud service empowers enterprises on a local and global scale to transform and integrate their existing network with support of their ever-changing requirements. Additionally, ngena Cloud provides enterprises cost effective and agile solutions to protect their investment by seamlessly integrating with public and private cloud provider solutions through our strong partner network.

ngena Cloud service allows global enterprises to transform and integrate their existing network to support their ever-changing goals and requirements.

Additionally, ngena Cloud allows enterprises to protect their investment by seamlessly integrating with public and private cloud provider solutions with our strong partner network.

ngena offers a readymade portfolio of Cloud capabilities, which can be tailored allowing customers to select their services depending on needs.

ngena provides enterprises of all sizes seamless extension from their SD-WAN network to cloud infrastructure: both public and private Cloud. With ngena Cloud service, enterprises benefit from:

  • Support of on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud network
  • Proprietary and truly native integration with cloud providers

Our global network of SASE (SD-WAN + Security) POPs, conveniently co-located with major public cloud providers and public cloud security service providers and interconnected with high-speed proprietary links, guarantees global low-latency and low-jitter, to enable high quality international connectivity with no need for time-consuming and costly NNIs.

Pre-integrated with our SD-WAN and security solutions, we offer you the necessary cloud access, intercloud routing and app-optimized routing to secure your users a best-in-class user experience, to boost their productivity with the full power of the cloud capabilities available today.

And thanks to the full integration and automation of our platform, the integration between cloud access, cloud security, local security and SD-WAN fabric, usually a very complex task, comes to you at a click of a button.

Leveraging a global partner network of technology and access suppliers, ngena can provide you not only with the centralized intelligence to support your connectivity and security, but also with all the gear you need at each location to connect yourself to the world: From CPEs to virtual appliances, from internet lines to private connectivity like EPL (or BYO MPLS), to mobile connectivity, enabling you to connect the way that fits you. And, in a think global/act local way, we can deliver and activate to your locations locally in more than 200 countries via our established local service provider alliance.
ngena gives you multiple options to connect cloud services into your network:

  • ngena Cloud-native Onramp: ngena’s ability to automatically extend your SD-WAN fabric natively into a Public Cloud Provider through public connectivity (currently available for AWS, and soon to come for other major providers like GCP and Azure)
  • ngena Private Edge: An automated SD-WAN extension via private connectivity from our global SASE POPs conveniently co-located with public cloud providers’ POPs.
  • Onsite Cloud Connect: A fast and cost-effective way to securely reach any cloud provider through IPSEC tunnels straight from customer premises.

What started from experts in telecommunications, ngena was born out of a diverse, global understanding of cloud network security, and how there was a need to simplify the management of the secure connectivity  required to handle the massive amounts of data any given network has flooding through their access points at any given time.

Not only that, but ngena has also created a platform we call .connect to manage and oversee the health of your entire network, track analytics, monitor for any potential threats or downtime, before errors even occur, with our operational cloud-based mission control.

SD-WAN, coupled with SASE technology, ensures secure and optimized network operations are in place to transform and optimize networks by ensuring speed and accuracy for hybrid cloud processes and as solid groundwork for new technologies.

Cloud-ready SD-WAN technology is not going anywhere. Modern enterprises  who wish to be sustainable for the long haul need to keep a smooth-running network with continuity sustained throughout the various functions, processes, tracking, and workloads happening at the same time on your network.

It’s easy to get a quote! Right from the start, our partners have everything they need.

Simply design, deploy, and operate with our QuickSizer tool accessible via our .connect platform.

Once your access design is created, it’s easy to select your existing network and enhance or expand and deploy with ease. Our QuickSizer  tool was built for simplifying the quote creation and approval process, and can deploy network access points in minutes, not months.

Once your network is connected you can use the complimentary .connect platform or app to keep a visual eye on the health status of your network, with automation to handle any irregularities faster, and get real-time views of  your network with traffic and data analytics with maps and reports.

You will have ultimate flexibility for the full life cycle of your network, from design to expansion, and you can even choose to bring your own access, or use existing access, licenses, and devices and make them all viewable and operational from our intuitive .connect platform.

It’s simple to build and operate your network with flexibility, speed, and the most up to date security.

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The pillars of our portfolio define a pragmatical and intuitive view of the different capabilities offered as-a-service from ngena for enterprises of any size.

The 7 pillars of our portfolio provide a pragmatic and intuitive view of the different capabilities digitization involves, all offered as-a-service:

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