Extend SD-WAN Connectivity to the Multi-Cloud Network

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) & Multi-Cloud adoption are becoming requirements for many organizations. Along with a global pandemic that has driven a major shift in the way these Apps are accessed over Wide Area Network (WAN). Prior to COVID-19, enterprise WAN architectures were designed with the assumption that most employees would work from offices during regular hours over enterprise network.. In our current situation, more distributed communication over the internet and the move to cloud apps (IaaS & SaaS) introduce new key considerations for designing Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN):

• Support of On-Demand Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Network Architecture,
• Enhanced security with SASE compliant WAN Architecture,
• More internet-based applications with increasing remote work,
• Local internet breakout for reduced latency.

These are just few of the many considerations - the list will keep on evolving as we enter era of digital transformation. Networks have always been rigid and there has been little development when it comes to automating connectivity. ngena understands the need to evolve the way we provision networks: Using end-to-end automated provisioning workflows which are simple to understand and – most importantly – cover connectivity, infrastructure and configuration together to support application communication (app-to-app, app-to-end-user, end-user-to-end-user).

with ngena you can take advantage of modern, cloud-based capabilities


Why ngena Cloud service

ngena Cloud service allows enterprises all around the world to transform and integrate their existing network to support their ever-changing requirements. Additionally, ngena Cloud allows enterprises to protect their investment by seamlessly integrating with public and private cloud provider solutions with our strong partner network.

ngena offers a readymade portfolio of Cloud capabilities, which can be tailored allowing customers to select their services depending on needs. ngena provides enterprises of all sizes seamless extension from their SD-WAN network to cloud infrastructure: both public and private Cloud. With ngena Cloud service, enterprises benefit from:

  • Support of on-demand hybrid and multi-cloud network,
  • Proprietary and truly native integration with cloud providers,

ngena gives you multiple options to connect cloud services into your network:

  • ngena Cloud-native Onramp: ngena’s ability to automatically extend your SD-WAN fabric natively into a Public Cloud Provider through public connectivity (currently available for AWS, and soon to come for other major providers like GCP and Azure)
  • ngena Public Cloud Edge: An automated SD-WAN extension via private connectivity from our global SASE POPs conveniently co-located with public cloud providers’ POPs
  • ngena Cloud Connector: A fast and cost-effective way to securely reach any cloud provider through IPSEC tunnels straight from a customer premise

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The 7 pillars of our portfolio provide a pragmatical and intuitive view of the different capabilities digitization deals with, all offered as-a-service: