ngena Edge as a Service

Edge devices are crucial hardware components to ensure business continuity. Without local routers, switches, access points and – for some sites – LTE modems, business grinds to a halt. But ensuring the interoperability of equipment, deploying that hardware globally and negotiating the right Service Level Agreement for sparing and replacement of faulty devices requires a lot of time and cost. And changes to edge device hardware or adding new sites comes with a high initial investment for the new devices.

Our service offering includes Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and configuration powered by the negna Platform


Why ngena Edge as a Service (aaS)

Edge as a Service (aaS) by ngena will provide the complete management of your edge devices, supporting a broad range of SD-WAN Edge devices, which has been validated and tested within the ngena Labs to support our Access Designs.

Our service offering includes Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and configuration powered by the negna Platform. Additionally, the negna Operations Team provides 24/7 active monitoring with Incident detection and resolution as well as regular Software updates for your device. ngena Edge as a Service reduces cost, time and management effort of your edge devices.

Edge aaS sourced by ngena comes at a monthly cost without any upfront investments. We even provide the service for onsite Installation and a broad selection of hardware choices to meet your requirements.

For Wi-Fi and switching, ngena provides a monthly rental model for devices without service management.

ngena has built a partner community, enabling us to provide you the required hardware in a fast and reliable way globally. With multiple partners per region, established relationships and proven working processes, we are able to provide you the best edge experience. We save you the time, cost and hassle of managing multiple suppliers, accounting for tax implications, local support and import regulations. Edge aaS sourced by ngena is your one-stop shop for Edge.

Edge aaS “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) enables you to protect your investments by bringing or reusing your exiting Edge Device and hardware replacement services. BYOD will come without Installation Service and any hardware replacement service would need to be provided or sourced by ngena.

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