Internet of Things and Surveillance

Advanced sensors and video surveillance for real-time environmental monitoring and threat detection. Leveraging the capillarity of the network as a vehicle for extensive distribution, this infrastructure supports diverse Internet of Things (IoT) sensors functioning as detectors, securely collecting and transmitting data. This setup allows organizations to gain deep insights into analytics and security operations, enabling swift responses to potential threats and maintaining a robust, interconnected security ecosystem.


Leverage network capillarity with advanced IoT sensors and video surveillance for real-time threat detection and analytics, ensuring swift, secure, and smart operations

The benefits supporting your choice for IoT and Surveillance

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full stack IoT solutions integrated with secure connectivity and advanced AI intelligence

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continuous monitoring and comprehensive support with guaranteed 24x7 SLA

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Our engineers design and implement in unbeatable time the solution fitting your business size

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years of expertise in delivering global reliable systems built upon the market leading brands

Why Choose ngena Sense

ngena experitse in managing and orchestrating edge equipment is now extended to IoT sensors and video surveillance. This integration provides comprehensive control over environmental parameters and enables both preventive and reactive situation management. Aligned with our philosophy, ngena IoT solution streamlines vendor selection, deployment, management, and integration complexities. By offering a full-stack solution, we empower clients to focus on core business while benefiting from top-tier solutions and professional support, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

Our state-of-the-art video surveillance system offers seamless installation with plug-and-play functionality and centralized video management across multiple sites. Featuring top encryption standards and regular firmware upgrades, it ensures consistent security. Integrating with AI applications, it enhances privacy and enables a range of advanced safety and security capabilities for an optimal school environment.

Experience ngena’s AI-driven Environment Control IoT solution for schools, merging health, cost optimization, access control, and green policies. Our system enhances learning environments by optimizing air quality and reducing energy costs. Integrated with our AI platform, it can be used to automate access control, locking or unlocking doors based on treats prevention systems, badge verification, or access control data. Enhance safety, security, and sustainability with our comprehensive environmental control solution.

IoT sensors enhance school safety by detecting vaping and smoking activities. Vape sensors combined with video surveillance identify individuals vaping in secluded areas. A network of these sensors detects aerosol particles indicative of vaping. Similarly, smoking detection is achieved through vape sensors and video surveillance. Additionally, the system helps detecting individuals smoking marijuana and other substances, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and a safer school environment.

Efficiently responding to crises is crucial. ngena’s certified IoT gunshot detection system enhances school safety with state-of-the-art acoustic sensors, ensuring zero false positives and precise firing event location within a <5m radius. It discerns shot direction and distance beyond sensor coverage, integrates with video surveillance for real-time awareness, and supports panic buttons for swift emergency alerts.

Internet of Things and Surveillance are part of our integrated portfolio ranging from connectivity to added value environmental, advanced safety and AI driven automation, all brought to you by our experienced team. We manage the solution throughout the entire life cycle, from design and implementation to the 24x7 monitoring and support.

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