ngena SD-WAN as-a-Service (aaS)

The problem with legacy networking and the need for security is that the legacy network simply cannot keep pace with demands from the enterprise's digitization strategy. Today’s enterprises have increasingly mobile and highly distributed workforces, permanent remote work, hybrid branch offices and business-critical applications and resources spread across data centers and complex public and private cloud landscapes. Connecting all this demands a security architecture to bring more security to where employees are, instead
of moving employees to where the security is.

You need to deliver excellent network performance at the lowest possible cost by leveraging software-defined wide area network
(SD-WAN). A WAN is a connection between local area networks (LANs) separated by a substantial distance—anything from a few miles to thousands of miles. The term software-defined implies the WAN is programmatically configured and managed.

SD-WAN technologies provide the opportunity to combine broadband internet with MPLS and other private line access – providing the best of all worlds.


The benefits supporting your choice for SD-WAN include:


Choose the most efficient link
 for traffic.

Management Cost

Lower admin costs and better control, better network visibility.


Scale network bandwidth higher or lower.

Faster Office Adds, Moves, and Changes

Bring up a new office in minutes/hours and not weeks and months for other service types.

Why ngena SD-WAN as-a-Service

The ngena SD-WAN aaS offers a variety of highly secure, high-performance WAN connectivity solutions for interconnecting enterprise customers’ LANs globally. The ngena service portfolio is based on hybrid access technology, namely Ethernet and internet access lines, and it leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

The ngena SD-WAN aaS portfolio includes:

  • VPN services
  • MPLS VPN interworking
  • Customer Care Portal
  • Billing
  • Performance Reporting
  • Global SLA
  • Secure Internet Access Service
    (Regional and Local)

Connectivity between enterprise locations and the ngena fabric is provided through telecommunications services purchased by ngena from local and global access providers.

ngena VPN Services are defined using standardized Access Designs and Value-Added Services (VASs). Service Level Agreements (SLAs) apply to the related Access Designs’ Service Points (SPs).

Several redundancy models offer the possibility to ensure different level of service availability as described in the “Global SLA” document. A variety of classes of services is offered to ensure that communication and business traffic is optimally served.

Performance monitoring is utilized both to ensure that the delivered services satisfy the agreed SLAs, as well as for performance optimization and proactive service management.

The design and development of ngena VPN services is product catalogue driven. A tight integration between ngena.connect and the underlying network and service orchestrator enables ngena to automatize the service delivery process.

The ngena VPN service functionalities are distributed between the Customer
 Premise Equipment (CPE) and a set of ngena SASE POPs distributed across the globe.
 This realizes an end-to-end service chain which is fully managed by ngena
 and subject to SLAs.

The 7 pillars of our portfolio provide a pragmatical and intuitive view of the different capabilities digitization deals with, all offered as-a-service:

ngena offers unparalleled flexibility in delivering
market leading SD-WAN solutions:

Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela)

Sophisticated network deployment with minimal complexity. With faster cloud application access, performance, and best in class integrated security.

Meraki + Viptela (Hybrid Solution)

The perfect combination: the best worlds
of Meraki and Cisco SD-WAN brought together.
Full transparency & performance visibility, high availability with a truly hybrid network including mobile & satellite.

Meraki SD-WAN

Secure and simple cloud-based management
of your entire network. Unified security & network management, faster deployment and easily manage multiple locations.

ngena Anywhere

Brings the same network experience from the enterprise to the home as well as road warriors.