Today’s Enterprises Demand Security

Modern enterprises place high demands on network providers. More bandwidth, more uptime, more redundancy, more services. Each demand is an opportunity for service providers – but each demand has a price tag. SD-WAN and SASE provide their own unique set of costs. In addition to building and deploying everything from high-performance datacenters to customer edge devices, those costs include reskilling support and operations teams to maintain and manage an ever-changing array of enterprise networking and security needs. ngena allows service providers to offer fully mature SD-WAN and SASE solutions as a service – taking advantage of the business opportunity without bringing on the additional costs.

Maximize your network performance and availability with ngena


Why Service with ngena

All your ngena secure connectivity services are fully managed, meaning as an enterprise customer you always receive a ready-to-use service with maximum availability, ongoing maintenance and upgrades (evergreening) and without having to dedicate/employ any network experts to maintain, monitor or manage it. Experienced ngena experts will roll out your secure connectivity services, actively monitor their performance, manage incidents and changes as well as perform required maintenance and upgrades throughout your subscription lifetime.

Maximize your network performance and availability with ngena

– SD-WAN promises more flexibility and better network performance. ngena’s approach of providing secure connectivity services as end-to-end managed services over ngena’s proprietary platform delivers that flexibility while removing complexity.

– Since ngena performs maintenance, updates and upgrades, incident detection and problem management not only for your network, but as part of the overall ngena platform, you will benefit from all service improvements and best practices identified across the ngena platform.

– Change implementation for maintenance, updates and releases are a core element of ngena’s platform development strategy/activities and are professionally prepared, announced and coordinated with your IT service provider and implemented to cause minimum disruption to your service.

– ngena’s proactive network and platform monitoring, incident detection as well as professional problem and incident management, including established coordination of incident resolution with ngena hardware and access providers, ensures fast response and resolution of any service degradation or outage and thereby highest levels of availability.

Run leading-edge secure network services that adapt to evolving company needs

Only ngena can offer you a fully managed networking experience. No need to hire or re-skill personnel to run your network, we combine our platform leading technology with expert engineering with the aim to deliver turnkey secure networking services to companies of all sizes. We believe secure corporate networking should not be reserved for the largest players, but an easy to contract enabler for all your digitization plans and the best part is that ngena experts will take care of all processes related to running your network. All services are covered by the monthly ngena fee – no extra or hidden cost that will surprise you for any in-life maintenance or updates.

The 7 pillars of our portfolio provide a pragmatical and intuitive view of the different capabilities digitization deals with, all offered as-a-service: