Wi-Fi as a Service, is now at your service

Introducing an affordable, wireless solution that does the heavy work for your operations.

Wireless access has become an essential and expected service that
consumers demand. Until now, organizations offering wireless may have been locked into silos of inflexible wireless services from proprietary vendors that often come with costly contracts.

What if your Wi-Fi could do more for your organization, but cost less? Introducing ngena Wi-Fi as a Service, a secure, reliable enterprise-class wireless access service that can minimize costs and maximize ROI.

Welcome to the ngena wireless solution that transform wireless access
from an expected consumer utility into an operational asset for your entire organization.

Wireless service that is simple to connect and expand, around the corner or across the globe.


Choose ngena for the best in full life cycle network Wi-Fi solutions, as a Service

And, to keep costs down, ngena Wi-Fi comes as an “as a Service” model. Eliminate the cost drain of contracts with proprietary hardware vendor systems and turn your wireless service from just a required cost utility into a potential revenue generating asset. We spend time vetting all of our partner solutions, to take the worry out of managing your "network of everything". Break free from hardware incompatibility and costly contracts! ngena guides the way to wireless that works for you.

Some benefits of the  ngena wireless solution include:

  • Cost effectiveness with OPEX reduction by up to 90% and CAPEX up to 30x
  • 24 x 7  network orchestration with true virtualization
  • SDN and open systems “lights-out” for secure, remote app  management
  •  Network access expansion across any size enterprise
  • Reduction of inbound call center resources and outgoing “truck rolls”
  • Freedom from expensive proprietary vendor systems

Transforming connectivity from a utility cost to an asset

ngena secure Wi-Fi as a Service for Communication Service Providers is now at your service.

With the goal of helping hotel and resort chains to solve their Wi-Fi offering challenges in mind, ngena now offers the highest caliber of Wi-Fi service solutions, available from our easy to use .connect platform.

Retail enterprises need to stay competitive to thrive. Physical stores must find new methodologies to increase customer sales as cost effectively as possible. ngena solutions help retailers identify, engage, and delight loyal and potential shoppers in ways that grow sales, drive profits, and promote customer loyalty.

ngena understands that the base of any remote operations requires solid and secure Wi-Fi to drive innovations for both hybrid and remote workplaces in any organization or enterprise.

With the goal of helping governments solve their Wi-Fi offering challenges in mind, ngena now offers the highest caliber of Wi-Fi service solutions, available from our easy to use .connect platform.

ngena knows secure network connectivity solutions

Enterprises and organizations face a dual challenge these days. On one hand, IT teams are increasingly looking for ways to simplify operations, which starts with the connectivity experience at the individual level. On the other hand, as IoT and consumer demand continues to grow on any given public or private network, so do the number of devices. And the resources needed to manage them continues to increase. How do enterprises handle the influx of network expansion?

Key Features: 

  • Web-scaled SDN edge framework allows for heterogeneous data capture.
  • Lights-out network orchestration from anywhere, 24/7
  • Easy-to-use platform app
  • Edge access w/ Bluetooth IoT sensors
  • Built-in, enterprise-class security and user authentication
  • High-speed, gigabit access
  • GDPR-compliant


The benefits of using ngena Wi-Fi as a Service

Built-in reactive
technology includes:

Anomaly detection, node downtime analysis, node failure correction, real-time traffic data, and more features

Accurate proactive
actions that:

Automatically notify about approaching station and backhaul speed limits and perform daily speed tests to measure your efficiency.

Operational optimization
that offer:

Network statistics, RF analysis and optimization, smart channel selection, SSID steering, sticky client, with 11r-Fast roaming

Automatic reporting

Predictive notifications offer easy reporting delivered from automatic network health audits for continuous optimization of the entire network.

Get started with ngena wireless today!

It's simple to sign up with us, and select Wi-Fi. With a few clicks we can help you determine the wireless network access you need. With ngena Wi-Fi you can easily expand your wireless connectivity access points, deploy network access nodes, and operate your wireless network with efficiency, all from our easy-to-use platform interface, .connect.

View Access Nodes in Real-time

View the health of network access nodes and measure activity in real-time to gain valuable operational insights.

24/7 Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Fault detection, dynamic alarms, predictive, and proactive notifications are built right in.

Powerful Analytics

Traffic flow reports are autogenerated to quickly understand more about user activity and node health.

Untangle your wireless network challenges with ngena Wi-Fi

ngena Wi-Fi as a Service offers ease of use at a price point that won’t break your budget. Along with cloud-based connectivity, it also comes with a range of visual maps of nodes, access points, connectivity, and customer habits, all from a single pane of glass, from anywhere, at any time, even from your phone app.

When it comes to managing wireless operations ngena helps you save on costs and expand revenue opportunities with our Wi-Fi solutions. We take the hard part out of running and managing Wi-Fi for our customers.

Free up your IT teams to focus on what really matters while saving on wireless operational costs. It’s a win-win-win, with ngena. We manage your “network of everything”.

ngena offers leading-edge secure network services

Only ngena offers a fully managed networking experience with all the solutions from one platform that you need to run a sophisticated network all while staying within your budget.

No need to hire or re-skill personnel to run your network operations or research different vendors. We combine our leading technology with best-in-class partners for SD-WAN, SASE, Cloud, Edge, Access, Services, and now Wireless capabilities, all expertly engineered from one intuitive platform to deliver turnkey secure networking services to any size company and organization.