CIO Applications Magazine featured ngena’s Founder

Aug 28, 2019

CIO Applications Europe’s Special Issue on Telecom Features an Article from ngena’s Founder

CIO Applications Europe featured ngena in its latest special edition that focuses on Telecom. The magazine published a bylined article by ngena’s founder and managing director Marcus Hacke, which is now available online.

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Marcus’ article is titled “Rethinking the Telco Industry”and discusses the globalization and digitization challenges multinational enterprises are facing and explains how ngena’s SD-WAN-as-a-Service solves today’s challenges. “…SD-WAN is quick, easily-configurable, and automatic. It can be managed using a provider’s centralised cloud-based and adaptable software platforms. Be it rapid network provisioning, agile adaptability of network capabilities, or even global network updates and security management, it can all be deployed with SD-WANs.”



“Our idea is to deploy global wide area networks, and our business model is built on a sharing economy approach. While all our partners are leading telecommunication providers in their local countries and regions, ngena turns the networks of the alliance partners into one global SDN giving all partners the capability to offer innovative global network services to their business customers,” explains Marcus. “When we set up our first customer project, it was absolutely fascinating to see that the innovative fully automated SD-WAN platform we were rolling out was doing exactly what we had planned.”

Marcus goes on to discuss in detail how ngena is changing SD-WAN and global networking – and what the future holds for the company and their customers.

“I believe that a bright future lies ahead of ngena…”

Read the full article here:

The author

Alisha Attarwala

Alisha is Marketing Manager at ngena since April 2018. In this position, she has been involved in all strategic and operative online and offline marketing communication activities for promoting ngena’s innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service, along with ngena’s 20+ leading international telco alliance partners. Before joining ngena, she founded and managed Impressions – a digital marketing agency providing marketing and digital content creation services through films, presentations and design for corporates and individuals across the world. Alisha has a blend of creative and business experience with a passion for new technologies and innovations. She holds a Masters in Post Production, Film Editing and Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing.

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