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ngena service portfolio

Take a look at our service portfolio infographic and discover the services and key features that ngena’s connectivity platform can offer your business.

ngena service portfolio graph

ngena’s connectivity platform consists of different components and supports different access technologies and variants, which you can see in the following picture. Additional Value-added Services can be booked on top of the standard VPN service and different regional and local Internet breakouts, Cloud Connect services and MPLS VPN Interworking functionalities are available.

Overview ngena hubs and backbone

All our alliance partners’ regional networks are interconnected via ngena’s global private backbone and regional data center hubs, forming a single global software-defined network.

Customers choose between a range of access designs from XS to XL+, offering single or redundant Internet or Ethernet access or a combination of both access types. Nomadic access services are available for connecting remote workers to their enterprise VPNs.

access designs
overview cloud connects

All services provided with global Service Level Agreements (SLA). The global SLA ensures the service level commitments by access design. The service levels are defined dependent on the degree of redundancy and the service level of the individual access lines.

ngena’s fully-managed SD-WAN offers a cloud connect to get direct access to public and/or private cloud provider. Plus, a MPLS VPN network-to-network interface (MPLS VPN Interworking), connecting existing MPLS VPNs with innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Networks to support the extension of an existing MPLS VPN or a smooth migration & transformation from MPLS VPN to an SD-WAN.

overview partner supporting systems

With ngena’s Network Health Dashboard powered by the Cisco/Viptela vManage technology, a holistic network monitoring based on real-time dashboards is implemented to provide a single view of the customer network.

value added services

ngena offers a variety of value-added services – such as advanced security services for a secured access to the internet, application optimization services for improved user-experience of public cloud usage, and advanced network services with additional connectivity and transport functions.

ngena´s SD-WAN as-a-Service offers a broad range of secure internet accesses. The Regional Internet Access with Firewall and Web-Security Services at ngena´s regional data center hubs. And the Local Internet Access for all access designs with at least one Internet Access secured with a local firewall or direct access to a Cloud Security Provider (CSP).

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