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Dubai is a global networking company offering enterprises and service providers connectivity to internet, cloud and datacentre infrastructure in 180+ countries. The team came together recognising that cloud is fundamentally changing the way in which people collaborate, communicate and connect and this change needs a fresh approach to delivering networks with the best quality customer experience utilises the latest software-defined technologies to provide end-to-end agile & secure networking services. Our core offerings are datacentre interconnection, software-defined wide area networking, layer 2/3 connectivity and managed security services

Our Mission is to serve our customer communication needs with a focus on trust, service, quality and innovation.

Our Vision is making our customer businesses successful by providing excellence in digital communication services and building shareholder value in the process.

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3 main offices in London, Sofia and Dubai, network coverage into 180+ Countries


George Szlosarek is CEO of since 2020. He has over 20 years leadership experience in the global telecom markets. Previously, George was co-founder and CEO for Epsilon Global Communications, growing the company from a niche provider of telecom interconnection to a global leader in enterprise software defined networking. George has a passion for building and leading teams in dynamic high growth environments. Prior to Epsilon, George held senior engineering roles in Dynegy, ADC Krone, Ciena.

Main business areas

Providing connectivity and communication services in the B2B markets.

Market position

Niche software-defined & cloud networking provider offering connectivity and communication services.

neutrality one tech fzco


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