SK Broadband


Seoul, South Korea

SK Broadband Co., Ltd., a founding member of ngena alliance, is a telecommunication company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

The company is one of the largest fixed-line telecom operators in South Korea providing a wide range of services, while providing the best platform and creating synergy with SK Telecom (“SKT”) for wireless and fixed-line integration.

SK Broadband provides Media, Broadband internet, Telephone, Corporate business, and Security services. It offers media services, such as IPTV, OTT to home and mobile customers; and Giga internet services, PSTN, Internet phone, International call and Smart security cam services; Leased line services to connect Internet, domestic networks and international networks, as well as MPLS, SD-WAN services; and IDC, CDN, Managed/Security, and In-building communication services to business customers.

SK Broadband was founded in 1997, and a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Telecom Co., Ltd.

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South Korea


Jung-Ho Park
President & CEO, SK Telecom and SK Broadband

Career in Brief

  • Former President & CEO, SK Holdings
  • Former EVP of Corporate Development Division, SK C&C
  • Former EVP of Business Development Division, SK telecom

Main business areas

Telecommunications for residential and business clients, IPTV&OTT services to home and mobile customers, and etc.

Market position

SK Broadband (“SKB”) is one of the largest fixed-line telecom operators in South Korea and ranked 2nd place in broadband internet and IPTV market in 2017. The company has 38% marketshare in IPTV, 27% in broadband, 35% in business market in South Korea. These are all based on the number of subscribers.

SK Broadband


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