Altice joins ngena

Mar 2, 2017

Altice joins ngena

The global telecommunication, content and media group Altice is entering ngena, the shared network alliance.

With Altice, also the operative companies SFR in France and Portugal Telecom will join ngena. Additional Altice’s operating companies and affiliates will follow.

ngena allows companies to benefit from network services around the globe based on the partners’ networks forming the alliance. The architecture is based on the sharing of network assets using cloud and virtualization technology to provide hybrid VPN services. This will allow multinational customers of each member of the alliance to have a global network secure, easy to use, stable, scalable and less complex while being supported by the network of each local alliance member.

Marcus Hacke, Managing Director of ngena is delighted about Altice joining: “Altice is a powerful addition to the alliance as they are covering important countries in Europe and other markets around the globe. We are excited to work with Altice, a globally respected ICT provider, towards making ngena a great success. Altice’s international strategy and their agile business culture are a great fit.”

“To contribute to and to benefit from the power of the alliance is a great opportunity for Altice. We believe that ngena is unique in the global SD-WAN market today. It combines latest Cisco-powered SDN technology with end-to-end automation and an agile and powerful business model, embedded in a shared-economy alliance approach. Especially our international customers will see great benefits in using VPN services based on ngena.” says Pascal Rialland, Chief B2B Officer of the Altice Group.

Since the official announcement of ngena by its four founding members CenturyLink, Deutsche Telekom, Reliance Jio, and SK Telecom at the Mobile World Congress in February 2016, ngena has been negotiating with additional 20 international partners around the globe to join the alliance.

ngena plans to become operational in the first half of 2017.


About ngena – The Shared Network
Leading international telecommunication companies are forming the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance – ngena. Business customers benefit from network services, realized on complementary partner networks around the globe. ngena comes with a completely new business model and new SDN-enabled technology in a greenfield setting, sharing network assets of trusted service providers.


About Altice –

Founded by telecom entrepreneur, Patrick Drahi, Altice is a multinational cable, fiber, telecommunications, contents and media company with presence in four regions – Western Europe (comprising France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland), the United States, Israel, and the Overseas Territories (currently comprising the French Caribbean, the Indian Ocean regions and the Dominican Republic). Altice provides very high speed based services (high quality pay television, fast broadband Internet and fixed line telephony) and, in certain countries, mobile telephony services to residential and corporate customers.

Altice is also active in the media space with a portfolio of channels (News, Sports, Lifestyle…) as well as a provider of Premium contents on nonlinear platforms; it also produces its own original contents (Series, Movies…).


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