ngena@home helps remote workers stay connected and safe

May 5, 2020

ngena@home helps remote workers stay connected and safe

ngena@home helps remote workers stay connected and safe

To help combat the multiple challenges that many companies and employees are facing related to remote work, ngena is presenting ngena@home. This service will improve productivity and collaboration of remote employees while providing security with seamless network connectivity.

Frankfurt, April 23rd, 2020 – The COVID-19 era brings many challenges that are affecting our daily routines, how we view the world, and the way we work. Each day we are learning how to live in these new times while constantly facing unforeseen challenges. The newly remote workforce is struggling and require a solution that provides minimum disruption and maximum effectiveness.

At ngena, we are closely analyzing the current remote work landscape. We see that network providers and their customers are suffering outages, governments are asking for internet traffic to be reduced due to a spike in use, and the demand for platforms is growing exponentially. Although workers want to stay home to remain safe, often times they must travel to their workplaces because they are unable to secure an effective, seamless, and fast connection remotely.

ngena@home is an SD-WAN as a Service solution that can help employees stay connected from home while providing the best possible performance for critical traffic, whether it is real-time access to applications,  live collaboration tools, voice or video services. The use of SD-WAN aaS will assure flexibility for users, the easy extension of existing networks, and the secure distribution of network traffic across an infrastructure of leading providers, with an affordable price.

This will provide companies with a secure digital workplace, where users can connect at home with the same ease as if they were working in the office. ngena@home is committed to supporting home-based workers by providing automated and simplified deployment with a bundled router, all in a fully secured platform.

Most importantly, ngena@home provides a more secure environment, where workers can stay at home, remain safe, and be as productive as they can.

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About ngena

ngena is a company that provides enterprises with consistent data connectivity services, integrating the networks of its partner ecosystem into a single global Software-Defined Network (SDN). Build on Cisco technology, ngena uses state-of-the-art cloud and virtualization technologies of Cisco-Viptela and Meraki and offers end-to-end managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networks as a Service. The combination of these technologies with the alliance’s operating model gives customers access to secure, stable, scalable and easy-to-use global corporate networks, and provides high-quality local customer care. The Alliance is grown to include several leading partners enabling multi-vendor interoperability, network abstraction and centralized operation. With a marked focus in openness and adaptability it enables customers on their digital journey to the cloud, providing all the necessary building blocks to fully customize the technology to their business needs.


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