Advantages of a fully managed WAN


What are the top advantages of a fully-managed WAN service versus a Do-it-Yourself network?

The challenge

Let’s assume you are not a telco provider, and that managing a global network is not one of your company’s core competences. And even though your local network provider takes over most of the management duties for your company’s network, there are still a number of tasks your IT staff will have to deal with: defining the LAN environment and network segregation, for example, or manually changing your VPN configuration, or resolving performance issues and network incidents are just some of the manifold tasks your staff will be tied up with. If you do manage your network entirely on your own, the overall task becomes even more laborious, and you will have to deal with multi-provider management, controlling your hardware devices such as firewalls, routers and switches, to name but a few.

The solution

Why not eliminate the complexity of managing your network yourself and, rather, free-up your IT staff for more business-relevant tasks? ngena is the ideal solution to getting a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service that requires only minimal effort on your part: ngena and its alliance partners will take over all the necessary tasks, from the fully automated, initial setup of your network, to running it on a day-to-day basis. As the ngena alliance comprises 20+ leading telecommunication providers, all global networks and local access lines can be managed through a single, central portal by your local carrier. This means that changes and optimizations can be realized much more easily and quickly.

In addition, your network performance is fully supervised by our intelligent monitoring capabilities, and an intelligent Network Health Dashboard is available to give you and your team a real-time overview of your network’s health status. This is all accompanied by a range of network traffic optimization services and Quality of Service parameters (e.g. prioritization of data, different SLAs for different access designs, etc.) that will significantly improve the quality of your network and the user experience. Lastly, in the unlikely case of an incident, ngena’s automated network performance and incident resolution mechanisms will recognize an issue often even before you do. So, why not let us run your network, while you run your business?

Your benefits

  • ngena offers a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service that minimizes your company’s net-work-management efforts. We estimate you can reduce your staff costs by up to 60-75% when choosing our fully managed solution.
  • Your local carrier is responsible for end-to-end network management and will assume responsibility for global supplier management for you via ngena’s central portal and global operations - thereby drastically reducing the tasks of your company’s ICT staff.
  • With ngena SD-WAN, many traditionally used hardware devices can be retired and re-placed with ngena’s Virtual Network Functions (VNF). This will reduce your effort in-volved in managing additional hardware units, and cut your maintenance and hardware costs.
  • All changes to your global network, such as creating Sub-VPNs or adopting Classes of Services, can be implemented by your local carrier via ngena’s central portal within minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks.
  • Compared with a DIY approach, with ngena you only have a single contract with a single, local partner for an entire global network. As a result, ngena significantly simplifies your contract management and purchasing efforts.
We believe that your IT staff should focus on your business-enabling applications, and not on running a global network. That’s why we have created a fully-managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service offering to free you from the efforts of managing a global Wide Area Network.”

Jörg Gimmler Head of Operations, ngena

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