Efficient Network Monitoring

I’d like to see what’s going on in my network and monitor the status of my network health!

The challenge

Today, it is often quite difficult to keep track of the status of your global Virtual Private Network (VPN) and to oversee what is going on in your company’s network. Monitoring your network health status is either not possible or can only be done by adding costly, additional hardware to your network operation center. But monitoring your network health status is essential if you are to avoid or mitigate operational disruptions and downtimes. In addition, you want to better understand which applications are driving your enterprise’s bandwidth demands, and where potential bottlenecks lead to poor performance and lower user satisfaction.

The solution

ngena’s SD-WAN service comes with sophisticated, built-in monitoring capabilities and dashboards that show you the health status of your global network in real-time. By using the Cisco/Viptela leading-edge monitoring technology, your network services can be monitored and supervised in real-time. In addition, you can check whether all technical key performance indicators are within or outside the target values. Performance graphs show you the different health statuses over time, and help you identify potential bottlenecks or weaknesses. Should any incidents or major irregularities occur, an alarm will be triggered, and you will be notified immediately. Moreover, being able to see what is going on in every part of your global network will also allow you to improve the stability and reliability of your network and improve user satisfaction.

Your benefits

  • With ngena’s Network Health Dashboard powered by the Cisco/Viptela vManage technology, a holistic network monitoring based on real-time dashboards is implemented to provide a single view of the customer network.
  • You can inspect the health of your entire network, including the operational state of your CPEs, the number of reboots or network downtimes, and the state of all controllers.
  • The dashboard also provides an overview of the Classes of Services being used, and which application in your network is using which bandwidth. Application-aware routing prioritize your network traffic and optimize your network performance in real-time.
  • Being able to monitor alarms and events and receive immediate notification of any relevant incidents in your network, your local provider and ngena are in a position to fix potential network disruptions even before your users have detected them.
  • All monitoring functionalities are an essential part of the ngena SD-WAN offering. ngena SD-WAN-as-a Service automates configuration and maintenance which comes at no additional cost.
The ngena SD-WAN solution comes with several intelligent monitoring capabilities including a built-in Network Health Dashboard that gives your company a real-time overview of your network performance. Potential errors, performance issues and interruptions can often be detected in advance. With this, your users benefit from superior reliability and stability of your network service.”

Frank Muche Product Manager, ngena

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