Ensuring Constant Innovation


How can I ensure constant innovation in my enterprise network to keep up with the digital evolution?

The challenge

Contracts with your network provider usually run over a long period of about 3 to 5 years. But network technology is evolving very rapidly these days, and adapting to the latest technology might be critical to the success of your company. So how can you ensure that, if you sign a contract for a new network technology in 2018, you will still be up to date with the latest technology in 2023?

The solution

The software-defined nature of ngena’s network, and its modular architecture, central orchestration and automation capabilities make it much easier to update our solution and introduce new features and services to your company’s network on a regular basis. This makes ngena an evergreen solution.

Our engineers are constantly developing services using agile DevOps processes, combining software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) to reduce development cycles ensuring a constant delivery of new features such as Value Added Services for Security or Application Optimization based on Virtual Network Functions (VNF). With this, your network can constantly evolve and keep up with the times.

Your benefits

  • ngena has built a software-defined network that is evergreen, allowing new features and functionalities can be immediately rolled out to the network. Your company thus benefits directly from any new innovation available in the network industry.
  • ngena and our technology partners, such as Cisco, use agile development methodologies, Scrum and DevOps procedures to introduce the latest services and features on a ongoing basis.
  • In contrast to the deployment methods used in old legacy networks, software-defined services can be used independently of any hardware device, and can be rolled out to the network simply by reconfiguring the software.
  • New services are being deployed as Virtual Network Functions, and can thus be implemented in your company’s network architecture with a click of a mouse.
Software-Defined Networking is per se much more agile and easier to update than existing legacy networks that are mainly hardware-based. As ngena and its technology partners use agile development methods your company will get an evergreen solution that will remain up-to-date with the changing times and trends.”

Dietmar Geiler Head of Product Management, ngena

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