Enterprise-grade Security

Is SD-WAN safe enough to fulfill all of my company’s security requirements?

The challenge

IT security is one of the main concerns of enterprises today. According to a recent survey conducted by PwC in 2018, almost one third of enterprises have faced cyberattacks that manipulated or destroyed company data. Such security attacks can undermine trusted systems and have the potential to damage critical infrastructure. In today’s digital age, higher security standards than ever before are needed to protect your corporate network.

The solution

The ngena solution is highly secure and is specially developed to protect your enterprise’s data. The solution is designed by applying core enterprise-grade security principles such as authentication, encryption and data integrity. The security guidelines are implemented globally for all components of the SD-WAN platform (data plane, control plane and management plane), and is conformant with international security standards and regulations. With ngena, all sites of your corporate network are connected with end-to-end encryption via secure IPSec tunnels. In addition, several Virtual Network Functionalities (VNF), such as next generation firewalls, are available to protect your offices from cyberattacks or any other security threat. ngena also secures direct access to the Internet with local CPEs offering stateful firewalls, additional security components, such as Virtual Network Functions for web security and integration with Zscaler Cloud Security Gateway for outbound Internet access. Moreover, ngena has deployed secure service chains in the hub to ensure secure regional Internet access. The ngena SD-WAN solution is thus highly secure and ensures state of the art security for your data and services.

Your benefits

  • ngena has implemented an extensive range of security and data privacy measures – that use core security principles such as authentication, encryption and data integrity – to fulfill global security standards for its network and platform.
  • Secure regional Internet accesses can be added to your enterprise VPN service and are protected through a fully managed, enterprise-class firewall with optional web security, provisioned in a regional ngena data center.
  • Secure local Internet accesses can be added to your enterprise VPN through a stateful firewall with additional Tier 2 or Tier 3 firewall instances on a universal CPE. This set-up can be complemented with additional web security services provisioned as a Virtual Network Function.
  • ngena complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) as well as with other worldwide recognized standards such as ISO 2700x. We also follow security frameworks from NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology), OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and ISECOM (Institute for Security and Open Methodologies).
  • ngena regularly conducts penetration testing and vulnerability assessment to ensure proactive system hardening, and to act on any threat or vulnerability detected.
The ngena solution is specially designed to make your enterprise network as secure as possible. By applying core principles of security, such as authentication, encryption and data integrity, along with observance of international security policies and regulations, we can deliver highly secure data networks that meet the highest security standards.”

Mohit Manral Senior Product Manager, ngena

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