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Can I build a global SD-WAN using just a single provider?

The challenge

According to recent surveys, 41% of businesses globally say they do business in countries outside their own. This means that, at many companies, network operations must be seen as a global task. Unfortunately, however, setting-up, managing and monitoring global networks 24/7 still remains highly complex. This also implies that many members of your IT department are tied up with time-consuming activities such as multi-provider management and incident resolution. In addition, the complexity of building global networks traditionally leads to a very slow roll-out of new sites, and limited flexibility in implementing change requests and network optimizations.

The solution

The ngena solution was developed to cope with these requirements. It offers you a global SD-WAN from a single source – your trusted local provider that is a member of the ngena alliance. This is possible because ngena has formed an alliance of 20+ leading telecommunication providers that offer their Ethernet and Internet access in around 200 territories worldwide to give your company truly global connectivity. Along with the strength of the global alliance comes the power of a global platform and a central portal that enables ngena alliance partners to design, order, set-up, monitor and maintain global SD-WANs with a click of a mouse. The use of innovative Network Virtualisation Functionality (NFV) and an end-to-end orchestration now allows global enterprise networks to be rolled out more quickly, and with greater flexibility to change or upgrade services in response to prevailing business needs.

Your benefits

  • Your company gets access to one of the largest global networks on earth, as the ngena alliance integrates the regional networks of 20+ leading telecommunications providers into a single, fully managed SD-WAN with a global reach in approx. 200 territories worldwide.
  • The ngena alliance partners offer a one-stop approach to delivering SD-WAN-as-a-Service to enterprises like your own. You will not only enjoy global data connectivity services, but also a number of other Value Added Services such as firewall services, WAN optimization, secure and high performance Cloud connection and Internet breakout services from a single provider.
  • Your global enterprise network will be fully managed by your local provider via a single, central IT platform, thereby offering faster and less complex configuration. In addition, all financial, logistical and support processes – from ordering the network to shipping the CPEs to your local offices - will be handled by your local provider with the help of ngena’s central platform.
  • Your enterprise network is fully-managed, with ngena and its alliance partners offering you 24/7 support. Global Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS) are available for all parts of your network as well.
  • Leveraging the advantages of virtualization technology and automation, ngena facilitates a flexible end-to-end configuration and provisioning of all services on a global scale. Your global networks can thus be set up much faster than in the past. Change requests can also be implemented much more quickly, giving your IT department greater agility and flexibility. All managed by just a single point of contact for your company.
The ngena SD-WAN solution is made to deliver enterprise networks on a global scale. As 20+ leading telco providers have built a strong alliance, integrating their regional networks into a single global SD-WAN, your company can rely on a single trusted local provider, delivering a fully managed service, instead of dealing with multiple telco providers.”

Lars Schütt Head of Partner Management, ngena

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