Local Internet Breakouts

Can I make my network more efficient by securely offloading data to the Internet?

The challenge

Today, Internet data represent a high percentage of your company’s WAN traffic and consume a huge amount of bandwidth. This type of traffic is constantly growing due to the usage of more and more Cloud-based applications, such as Microsoft Office365 or Salesforce.com. In traditional VPNs, the Internet traffic is often backhauled from branch offices to a distant headquarter. But wouldn’t it make more sense to offload this Internet traffic locally instead of jamming your global WAN with it?

The solution

Based on your company’s traffic profile, you can have the ideal access designs customized according to each site’s needs. This is because ngena offers a choice of single or redundant Internet Public Lines (IPL) or Ethernet Private Lines (EPL). These access designs come in easy-to-understand T-shirt size concepts from XS to XL+, giving your company the flexibility to select exactly the design needed for the traffic profile and level of redundancy of any office type – from a branch office to a data center or central headquarter.

Along with this, ngena offers multiple ways of offloading business data to the Internet. You can use either Local Internet breakout directly from your sites, or utilize regional, secure Internet Breakout via ngena’s secure data centers. ngena edge routers provide a stateful firewall for direct outbound Internet access. ngena also provides industry-standard X86-based CPEs with additional Virtual Network Functions providing security services. Furthermore, we offer a direct integration to Zscaler’s Cloud gateway to enable secure local Internet access. With ngena’s suite of Cloud connectivity options and different access types to connect to the Internet, enterprises can reap the benefits of Cloud applications without having to worry about security or performance.

Your benefits

  • ngena provides you with multiple access designs offering single or redundant Internet or Ethernet lines, as well as single or dual CPEs.
  • ngena provides Internet connectivity via secure local and regional Internet breakouts which enables your enterprise to choose how to offload data to the Internet and to realize cost savings through dedicated bandwidth usage.
  • Regardless of whether your company is using a regional (centralized), local (decentralized) or hybrid strategy for offloading traffic to the Internet, ngena offers you additional Value Added Services such as security or WAN optimization, both at the network edge and at the data center hub.
  • Using the capabilities of our technology partner Zscaler, you can establish a secure local Internet access by using its Cloud gateway service. Zscaler offers one of the largest secure Cloud gateways, with a presence in about 100 private or public data centers around the globe and over 10 million users across 160 countries.
With the increasing use of Cloud services, the capability to securely offload data from your network to the Internet is key. ngena therefore provides you with multiple secure options for local and regional Internet break-outs, plus direct Cloud Connect services powered by our technology partners.”

Mohit Manral Senior Product Manager, ngena

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