Migrating from MPLS to SD-WAN


Migrating from MPLS to SD-WAN involves a great amount of effort. How will ngena help making this task successful and seamless for me?

The challenge

»Never change a running system« is one of the key wisdoms in the ICT industry, especially when it comes to implementations as complex as global enterprise networks. At the same time, it is also true that »in a rocking ship, the person who stands still is the one to fall down, not the one who keeps moving«. However challenging it can be, remaining agile and dynamic is probably one of the key success factors for business today.

The solution

ngena works with the world’s most experienced telecommunications and technology providers that make the migration of your existing network from legacy technology to an innovative SD-WAN service easier. All involved ngena partners have longstanding experience in migrating enterprise networks from one provider or one technology platform to another. All parties involved have a proven track record of building global networks with established and mature processes to help your company seamlessly manage the transition »from the old to the new world«. Furthermore, with the deployment of proven methodologies, standardized processes and highly experienced and skilled telecommunication consultants, you’ll enjoy the best support currently available on the market to make your network migration a seamless and successful experience!

Your benefits

  • The first prominent customers – such as a market leading power systems manufacturer, and a leading office IT manufacturer – have already entrusted key parts of their networks to ngena and can talk about the established processes used to migrate their network »from the old to the new world«.
  • ngena and its partners deliver world-class SD-WAN services incl. global Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • ngena operates closely with US technology giant Cisco, that has been working with the alliance from the start to design and build the ngena technology platform. Thousands of companies already use the Cisco/Viptela SD-WAN solution, which forms the basis of the ngena offering. The solution is thus based on proven technology and has an excellent reputation in the industry as being highly innovative.
  • The ngena alliance consists of 20+ highly experienced telecommunication and technology providers that are market leaders in their respective markets. They stand with their experience and reputation for high-class connectivity services.
  • All partners have proven methodologies and standardized processes to help enterprise customers with migrating their networks. Their skilled consulting teams have proven track records of successfully migrating enterprise networks from one provider or technology to another.
The outstanding reputation of our alliance partners in their respective markets, together with their highly skilled workforces that come with a proven track record of countless network transformation projects, as well as the excellence of our technology partner Cisco, will make it easy to entrust the migration of your old network to ngena.”

ngena management team, ngena

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