Optimal Price-Performance Ratio

Can I improve my network performance and simultaneously reduce costs?

The challenge

Many companies are under great pressure to cut costs and optimize their investments in CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, bandwidth demand is continually rising especially due to new Cloud and IoT applications and an increasing level of digitalization. Companies are therefore seeking new technologies that can increase their network performance while simultaneously Keeping their optimal price-performance ratio.

The solution

Today’s SD-WAN technologies already come with significant cost advantages if set up correctly. The ngena solution was built, in particular, to further optimize your enterprise’s network performance, and help you save money. As ngena offers cost-efficient hybrid Ethernet and Internet access, we estimate you can save 20% and more, just by replacing high cost MPLS lines with a cheaper access mix, i.e. a truly hybrid network. Moreover, the available bandwidth in ngena’s networks is typically higher because of an »active-active« vs. traditional »active-standby/ backup« network designs, which means you can almost double your useable bandwidth without doubling cost. Compared with classical MPLS solutions, SD-WAN comes with additional functions at no or low additional cost: for example, you can retire expensive hardware devices for security or network visibility solutions and replace them with Virtual Network Functions instead. As ngena’s solution is a fully-managed service, our SD-WAN-as-a-Service approach can help your company slash its operating costs by allowing your IT staff to concentrate on more urgent business needs, rather than managing the technical configuration of your network – which is then taken care of by ngena and its alliance partners. Overall, we estimate that, with the ngena solution, your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be cut by 30% and more.

Your benefits

  • ngena offers hybrid Ethernet and Internet connections that has the potential to help your company to cut its average network operating costs by over 30%. By replacing high-cost MPLS lines with a cheaper mix of Internet or Ethernet access, alone, we estimate your company could save over 20%.
  • Security, network acceleration or visibility services cause significant costs in classical MPLS networks. With SD-WAN, those additional hardware components can be retired by replacing them with ngena’s Value Added Services built in as Virtual Network Functions (VNF). We thus help you to win the »war of boxes« and create savings on maintenance, contract costs, configuration and change management time.
  • By using local or regional Internet breakouts, your company can offload less business-critical network traffic directly at your local premises and free up your private WAN capacities for more business-critical data traffic.
  • The ngena solution is a fully managed service. This means you will be able to reduce your operating costs by freeing up your IT departments from multi-provider management and global network management.
  • ngena offers most competitive prices through a strong alliance of global partners, centralized contract management and pre-negotiated wholesale prices.
  • Available bandwidth with ngena is typically higher because of its »active-active« vs. classical »active-standby/backup« operating mode. Thus, you can free up your network from expensive stand-by components.
  • Efficient WAN optimization is achieved by using best path routing and application-aware networking mechanisms together with Classes of Service, Quality of Service and application optimization which is conducive to a much more efficient utilization of your network capacity.
Overall, we estimate your company can generate savings of up to 30% and more if your individual network solution design leverages the full potential of SD-WAN and you take full advantage of all operational savings that are possible with this kind of SD-WAN-as-a-Service.”

Marcus Hacke Founder and Managing Director, ngena

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