Reducing Installation Time

I’d like to roll out or upgrade my global network now! Can ngena help me with reducing installation time?

The challenge

Today, a change to an existing enterprise network or the addition of new company sites can be very time consuming. Especially when you are using a relatively inflexible MPLS network. This way it can take months until new office locations or remote workforces can be added to your global WAN. The complexity is even higher when it comes to Mergers & Acquisitions and two separate company networks have to be merged into one. Especially when you are not using a fully managed service, your ICT teams can be overloaded with work. But as installation time is business-critical and influences your time-to-market, it’s crucial for your business to find the best and faster solution.

The solution

The ngena service has been designed to reduce enterprise-network installation times by automating network configuration and maintenance tasks. Today, ngena can bring a medium-sized enterprise network into service within two weeks of receiving an order (assuming the availability of Internet connectivity, and that Customer Premise Equipments (CPEs) can be shipped in time). Network upgrades with private or additional Internet links can than follow in a second step. ngena uses a zero-touch provisioning process to add new sites or make changes to existing network architectures. This means that, once the CPE has arrived at your office, it auto-configures on power-up and no specialist skills are needed on-site; as long as the device can be plugged into its supply and the network cable is attached, the service is configured centrally. New branch offices will be online almost instantaneously, thereby significantly increasing the productivity of your company.

Your benefits

  • ngena offers end-to-end-managed SD-WAN services that take care of your network implementation and help you roll out new data connectivity services more flexibly and faster than in the past.
  • ngena is harmonizing and standardizing the rollout of new corporate networks as we have a catalogue-based selection of network services (e.g. access designs, bandwidth, SLAs, additional Value Added Service etc.). With ngena’s highly-automated, zero-touch provisioning processes, SD-WAN services can be deployed rapidly and without configuration errors. Subsequent changes can be implemented in a matter of minutes rather than days.
  • Standardized access designs can be rolled out faster to your company’s sites and need almost no on-site human interaction whatsoever. Once the device is plugged and switched on, the CPEs are auto-configured and live instantaneously.
  • Through ngena’s SD-WAN technology, new Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) such as network security, WAN optimization and regional Internet breakouts can be deployed with only few clicks.
The idea we had in mind when starting ngena was to increase the flexibility and speed of setting up and maintaining global VPN services for enterprise customers. We know that time is money! ngena’s unique proposition will help customers reduce overall deployment times of new network services and strongly increase their business agility.”

Jörg Gimmler Head of Operations, ngena

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