Secure Cloud Connection

My company has a Cloud-first strategy. How do I establish a secure and high-performance connection to the Cloud?

The challenge

Almost every company today is using Cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce CRM, or online storage and computing power from Amazon Web Services. This leads to much higher bandwidth demand in enterprise networks as all data traffic needs to be sent from the local offices to the central Cloud platforms. If the network capacity is not increased and traffic flows are not managed in an efficient manner, this often results in a poor user experience and loss of productivity as the applications get slow and under-performs, possibly also combines with long latencies and even data loss.

The solution

ngena supports enterprise customers to securely move more and more applications to the Cloud and enable high performance SaaS application delivery. ngena’s Cloud on-ramp feature provides a secure extension of edge Cloud routers directly into solution provider platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. In this way and by extending your encrypted VPN into the public Cloud infrastructure, we minimize external threats to your company’s data and ensure best performance of all your Cloud services. Cloud on-ramp to public Cloud platforms provides clear visibility of the performance of individual applications and automatically chooses the best path.

ngena also offers connectivity to the public Clouds, especially SaaS services, by utilizing Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX). This service allows you to select the different SaaS service providers you’d like to connect to without compromising on security, and allows you to enjoy automated, near real-time provisioning to their services. With ECX, you will improve the performance of your applications and reduce latency by extending your network to the digital edge of your Cloud service providers.

ngena thus provides multiple Cloud connectivity options which support the implementation of your company’s Cloud strategy and ensure that the benefits of the Cloud are realized through a highly efficient, evergreen and future-ready network.

Your benefits

  • ngena uses its Cloud on-ramp services and/or Equinix Cloud Exchange to enable easy access to public Cloud platforms and applications for your enterprise network without complex external integrations.
  • ngena also provides you with an even securer application environment by offering private access to public Clouds, i.e. infrastructure and application platforms.
  • ngena reduces your total cost of network connectivity to Cloud service providers by simplifying the effort involved in Cloud integration. You do not need to use a different service for this, as ngena provides you with a catalogue of relevant features.
  • ngena improves performance and reduces latency by extending your enterprise network to the Cloud service provider edge.
ngena’s diverse Cloud Connect services enable your enterprise to fulfill your Cloud-first strategy and provide you with a highly secure, high performance service to the Cloud.”

Daniele Abbadessa Senior Product Manager, ngena

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