Using hybrid Access


Can I use different access types, such as Internet, Ethernet, MPLS or Mobile, to build my network?

The challenge

Most traditional networks are not flexible when it comes to using different types of access, and are unable to use hybrid access technology to better suit real customer needs. Especially in smaller branch offices, in which a simple Internet VPN would be a much better choice, MPLS access is often oversized and too expensive. And when it comes to quickly and flexibly connecting remote branch offices, traditional networks are often too cumbersome, requiring months to get a new connection up and running.

The solution

ngena offers a free choice of different access designs that can be easily combined and tailored to individual purpose for different use cases. Multiple types of accesses are supported on a single platform providing a consistent set of services, including both Internet Public Line (IPL) and Ethernet Private Line (EPL) using Metro Ethernet or Layer-2 VPN technologies. Also, mobile broadband can be used for connecting customer locations as mobile links provide public Internet connectivity. Several access designs are available for connecting a customer site via single or redundant Internet or Ethernet links, or a combination of both. The access designs can be chosen based on bandwidth and SLA requirements, as well as cost considerations. The VPN overlay and encryption are common to all access designs. In the future, ngena will also be able to use SD-WAN over MPLS and satellite connections to offer an even wider range of access technologies to fulfill different requirements of your enterprise networks.

Your benefits

  • ngena offers a flexible choice of Ethernet Private Lines or Internet Public Lines including mobile broadband. Additional access types, such as Satellite access or »Bring your own MPLS« access, will soon be available.
  • All different access types can be combined through different access designs - from single Internet access to geo-redundant Ethernet lines.
  • Simply by replacing high cost MPLS lines with cheaper Internet access lines, we estimate your company can already start saving over 20% compared to your legacy solutions.
  • You can choose from multiple access designs that come in easy-to-understand T-shirt size concepts from XS to XL+, giving your company the flexibility to select exactly the design needed for the traffic profile of any office type – from a branch office to a data center or central headquarter. All access designs come with an VPN overlay and encryption.
One of the biggest strengths of ngena’s SD-WAN-as-a service offering is the availability of hybrid access designs. With this, customers can choose from different access technologies such as public Internet or Ethernet. This gives them the flexibility to obtain exactly the type of connectivity they need for their different sites.”

Marcus Hacke Founder and Managing Director, ngena

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