ngena – one touch connects the world

Why ngena?

ngena unites the workforce worldwide through a
centralized connectivity network experience.

With one touch, ngena provides comprehensive,
integrated, fully automated, highly flexible and easy to
use connectivity services to any location in the world,
delivered by a global cloud platform to enable business
customers on their digital journey to the cloud.

Built on Cisco technology, ngena uses state-of-the-art cloud and virtualization SD-WAN technologies. ngena is the first company to offer pre-built configuration for fast and secure deployment using its Connectivity Platform as a Service.

We are headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with business operations in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia.

Our latest achievements

New deals

  • One of the largest telecom operators in the world placed the full ngena offering company-wide


  • We are working with more and more customers to become a public reference and show their success with ngena

News on our technology

  • Go live of new release with MPLS underlay: In addition to using ngena’s extensive underlay capabilities, customers can now choose their existing MPLS network as an underlay for the supported ngena Access Designs.
  • Support of VRRP Routing: We now support first hop redundancy functionality with the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), resulting in a more resilient and reliable network.

New signed agreements with our partners

Proud to have these new partners in our strong ecosystem:


  • MLR Networks
  • Softcat
  • Clarium

ngena is the only global end to end orchestrated SD-WAN as a service company 

ngena is built on Cisco Technology and includes security built-in, essential services and pre-configured features. This makes it the only solution of its kind in the market today.
Everything is designed for multi-cloud connectivity. That means no more expensive hardware investments, project management or long-configuration times.

SDWAN connectivity platform

What makes ngena so unique?

First, the platform approach which allows our customers to select a broad range of services

Secondly our business model that builds on a very strong partner ecosystem providing the needed connectivity in all geographies around the world that allows us to connect customer locations in 200 territories around the world

Thirdly our delivery model which is an “as a Service” model, i.e. it includes all components to deliver the services: connections/lines, Hardware (especially the CPE), Software, operations, assurance, etc. It is a full OPEX model that comes with monthly service charges.

With ngena you get ...

With ngena you get an operational tool, that:

  • helps you to avoid projects
  • helps you to simplify operations
  • reduces your costs
  • increases your speed of sales
  • helps you get customers access to value

Have you already heard about our
„Quick Sizer“?

Use this tool to quickly price your ngena SD-WAN aaS proposal – per site and for the whole network. You can also add your profit margins and present the budgetary quote to your customers in no time! Are you already an ngena partner? Just enter our ngena academy to start a quote. Not a partner yet: please contact us on and we are happy to get in touch with you!

Are you already a partner of our strong ecosystem?

Are you a potential customer?

Are you a techie geek?

Our solution:

A unique connectivity platform as a service

ngena’s connectivity platform consists of the following key elements:

  1. Access to all configuration and deployment functions from a single pane of glass based on a global service catalogue
  2. Fully automated deployment of overlay services based on a multi-layer service orchestration
  3. A comprehensive set of services based on leading Cisco (Viptela as well as Meraki) technology with full access to all SD-WAN and Security capabilities
  4. Provides all kind of connectivity services like public Internet or Ethernet, but also supports “bring-your-own” MPLS or internet based connectivity

Our global technology platform

Learn more about how we created a truly global technology platform built on a global backbone with multiple data centre hubs and the latest Cisco-Viptela-based SDN technology – a unique architecture that allows us to deliver our SDN services in 200 territories around the globe.

Our central portal

Take a look at how our central portal manages our customers’ networks; and discover how our innovative Cloud-based Comarch Business and Operations Support System (BOSS) lets us configure, fulfil and guarantee global network services with all the accompanying financial, logistics and support processes.

Increasing Demand: Facts & Figures


of organizations plan to increase their annual tech budget within the crisis right now*

* Tech HQ:


growth on total spending on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and cloud provider on servers

***sdx central:


of CFO’s interviewed intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently even after the crisis **

** Gartner:


enterprise spend on cloud services to grow to by 2023

**** Gartner – Market Trends: SD-WAN and NFV for Enterprise Network Services, January 2020

The people behind ngena: Our Management-Team

Our Management-Team comprises industry experts with longstanding track records in the telco business, and the ambition to deliver the best SD-WAN aaS solutions to the world.

There is much more

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